Big Clit Thumbnails

I guess for a while every post on here is going to be titles something like Rikochan’s first something or other. That’ll probably get boring fast.

Well, until then, I’m very excited to tell you that I’ve posted my first HD video clip. Well, 720P, anyhow! You can download this big clit closeup videoclip at my clips4sale store. You might’ve seen my old amateur videos? This one is way higher rez and better lit. Plus it’s 10 minutes long. The animated GIF on the site looks terrible–eventually I’ll figure out how to make a better one. (Any idea anyone?) In fact the whole store looks terrible right now. But I’ll get it looking better eventually…

Anyhow, there’s big clit stroking, big clit pumping, a blowjob, vibrators and squirting in this clip, so take a peek. Feedback greatly appreciated, thanks! Sexy comments, too! 😉

Click here to visit my big clit clips store!