Rikochan: Huge Clit, Changing Body

RIkochan's huge, swollen clit

This shot was taken in the middle of one of upcoming big clit masturbation videos. So, you can see, I deliver on the big clit part. :) (Click for the full-sized version for all the pictures in this post.)

Hi Rikochan friends! End of the year is a crazy time for me for several vanilla-world reasons, and that means less fun stuff on Rikochanpornstar for you (and not enough sleep for me). There is some stuff happening behind the scenes, though, so don’t give up hope! I’m hopefully doing a photoshoot with a great photographer this Sunday for some bodybuilding progress and posing pictures. I’ve been training super-hard lately, so I’m hoping that I’ll bigger and harder than you’ve seen me. So that’s some female bodybuilding stuff that should be coming soon.
And, for all my adult video/big clit fans, I’ve got three videos I’m editing, too. I’m hoping that I can get one of them posted to my clips4sale studio, Rikochan’s Fetish Emporium by the end of the weekend. It’s a super-hot huge clit masturbation scene that I think all my fans here will enjoy.
The one thing I really haven’t been able to work on for way too long is my writing. I’m not sure when I’m going to have time to sit down and write a really good post that I can be really happy for you all to read. In the meanwhile, though, I got a nice letter a little while ago that I thought I would share with you all. My very friend Joe Garibali wrote me this very sexy and cool letter, and I was so happy to get it that I asked him to let me post it here. He kindly agreed, and I hope you will enjoy it! He was responding to my post called Rikochan: Body Image and Bodybuilding, which you might want to read to understand this letter better.

I’ve been meaning to write to you for some time about this. You seem I think not to realize your motivations. so here’s my rant.
I’ve been a lover of big-clitted muscular women for a long time. That means I’ve done a lot of thinking about this. What does it mean? First off, to develop these attributes takes a lot of dedication. It’s not something that comes easily. So it means you have to be dedicated to an ideal and you have to know why you want to achieve these things.
Rikochan shows off her bodybuilding progress

There are things that make me very happy with my (very slow) physical transformation, and looking at this picture is one of them.

Regular women are soft. Muscles and a huge clit are not just masculine attributes; they are outward signs of power. Soft, weak women; well, not so exciting. It’s like making a deal out of negatives. And in a sense a vagina is a negative; its a space inside a woman’s body where a penis goes and deposits sperm. In the world a penis or rather a phallic symbol is commonly identified as a powerful iconic symbol. In India phallic symbols are worshipped in temples. Never saw anyone worship a vagina even if it gives birth to babies. I suppose somewhere they might. But muscles and big clits don’t make women into men; they are, however, signs of power. And power is exciting. it’s attractive and that’s in a sexual way as well.

Now in times before recorded history I think there were many less differences between men and women, bodywise. If a woman was weak in those days she wouldn’t have survived. And there are measurements of bones from those days that show that even what were teenage girls had muscles the size of men. I think it was after civilization was invented and people settled down that things began to change. The bone structure of modern humans is not like it was in those days because it doesn’t have to be huge-it’s not hard to live and survive any more. And when it became easy to thrive men contrived to be in control of women, to know that they were the fathers of their children. Over the millennia women changed, and became soft and weak and docile. Read about it in Adrienne Mayor’s new book about Amazon women (I’m reading it right now as an audiobook).
Rikochan's huge clit in black and white

Sometimes I see a picture of a big clit on the Internet and I think, wow, that’s crazy huge–even bigger than mine. And then I realize it’s an old picture of me!

So being a muscle woman with a big clit is changing your destiny. It is reaching out for power, seizing it. Being strong. Looking at the growing muscles in your arms and chest and legs and growling that you want MORE. It is not just passively being “blown” by Kraka; it is thrusting your hips and driving your huge hard clit in and out of his mouth like it was a little pussy because YOU WANT YOUR PLEASURE. It is abandoning all the things you learned as a young girl in Japan about being shy, demure, passive like good little Japanese girls are and making a statement that you don’t give a shit about what society thinks you should look like, or how you should act; that you want POWER in your life and personal assertiveness. That you enjoy having a huge clit and wish it was bigger because it gives YOU PLEASURE, it makes you fucking powerful and you love having it be hard. And the best model of this, to date, is Denise Masino; but there are plenty of women who have these attributes and enjoy them. We should talk more about this.

Rikochan’s Big Clit vs. Lady Clarece’s Sexy Feet

Rikochan shows off her big clit while Slutty Nic tortures her nipples

Slutty Nic may be a sub, but if you tell her to pinch your nipples as hard as she can, she will. But what are Lady Clarece’s feet doing in the picture? Hmm… (Click all the pictures in this post for the full-sized versions)

Hi everyone: sorry it’s been a couple days since I got you anything, but, still, this will be the fourth post this week, and since my last blog post here, I’ve posted new stuff on Facebook and Fetlife, so if you’re really desperate for more Rikochan content, you should be following me in both places! Most of what I’ve posted there has been bodybuilding progress pictures, but this morning before I went to the gym, I posted a preview of one of the big clit/foot fetish pictures from this post to my Fetlife account. I think some of you, at least will think it was worth the wait!

The Return of Slutty Nic

Remember my photoshoot with slutty Nic, the sexy sub who was the first woman ever to suck my big clitty? (You haven’t checked out the few pictures I’ve posted so far, you should: They are super hot!) Well, there are lots more pictures from that day, and I’m going to be posting them as I get to them, but, in the meanwhile, I had the chance to the fulfill the fantasy of several of my fans and friends, so I thought I’d skip to this section of the shoot.

Sexy feet touching Rikochan's big clit

The very first time Rikochan ever felt the silky smooth toes of a foot fetish model Lady Clarece against her swollen clitoris (Click to see the full-sized version of the picture)

Lady Clarece, a kinky friend of mine who has particularly beautiful feet and who knows how to use them (she’s a foot fetish model and domme!) happened to be there assisting at the shoot. At least, I thought she just happened to be there, but it turns out that she and the photographer had plans all along. As you can see in the first picture, Lady Clarece started sliding into the pictures without me realizing it. My not noticing could have had something to do with the photographer telling Nic to pinch my nipples as hard as she could. If there’s one thing Nic does, it’s…whatever you tell her too. I’m pretty submissive, but that’s the first time I’ve ever really met a real actual sub, happier to be doing what she’s told, or experiencing what you want her to. Well, the photographer distracted me (on purpose) by telling Nicole to pinch me harder, and harder!

Rikochan's big clit gets a footjob

My pumped clitty glans is nearly as big as her toenail!

But it meant that I didn’t quite notice what was happening until…it was happening. I mean, there was a moment when she slid forward into the set and reached her long slim, finely arched foot out and extended it toward my pussy, which was already very well pumped and incredibly sensitive, and her eyes met mine, and that was my moment to say no, if I had wanted to. But I didn’t. Because, honestly, I’d been thinking about how sexy feet can be for a while, ever since my friend Lady Clarece first showed me her gorgeous feet.

Rikochan’s Big Clit Gets Her First Footjob

But I hadn’t ever imagined this, exactly. I had been thinking more about how feet can be shapely and sexy, and how guys might really like to get a footjob. I was thinking, I’d love to see someone get one, and how I wished my feet were beautiful and soft and sexy enough that I could make someone come with them. I had never quite gotten to the point where I saw myself getting one. But I didn’t shake my head, or say no, or use a safe word…and suddenly I was getting one.

Rikochanpornstar's big clit and sexy foot fetish shot

My pumped pussy is so sensitive that these lovely toes brushing against it feel incredible!

I can’t begin to tell you how exciting it was. First of all, this happened at the end of a long shoot; I’d done a little domination of Nic, and she’d licked and sucked my clitty, pumped it, and was pinching my super sensitive nipples, too. So, I was already crazy stimulated. Nic had pumped my pussy so hard and for so long that my labia, clitoral hood and clit were all almost raw with sensitivity. There’s a point if you really pump where the nerves get all mixed up between pleasure and pain, and I was definitely nearly there. And when Lady Clarece’s toes began to brush over the glans of my big clit, I literally bucked up off of the floor from the shudder that went up my spine. It threw my head back so hard that I bumped Nic’s head!

Got a foot fetish? Check out this big clit foot job!

Rikochan’s fat clitoris gets her first footjob from pro domme Lady Clarece!

I love that the very first time I ever experienced even a little bit of a foot fetish session is captured in these pictures. I hope you like these pictures, big clit and foot lovers, but even if you love them, I don’t think that can be as exciting as they are for me, who knows what it felt like at that second to be thinking, with my heart pounding, “Oh my god, I can’t believe this about to happen…” I look at these kinds of “first time” pictures a lot, and they always make me crazy excited.

How did it feel? Well, I can tell that Kraka (who comes to all my shoots, no exceptions) told me later that I was actually panting after just a few seconds! I was so surprised at how gentle she was at first…such control over the pressure and motion! It felt so lovely on my big clit. Sadly, it was all over too quickly. Just as she started to jerk my poor swollen clitty like a cock between her lovely toes, and just as I started to feel the rising pressure of real excitement way down inside me, the photographer asked us all to move again, and the moment was over. Photoshoots are different from just taking pictures while having sex, which is what I usually do! I love the results, but, wow, it can be frustrating sometimes!

Want Big Clit/Foot Fetish Videos? Here’s How

But I can tell you this: I am hoping to work with Lady Clarece again. I’m really hoping we can make a video together, bringing my big clit and her sexy feet together for a real session that we don’t have to interrupt for the camera and for posing. I want to feel what it’s like play with a pro domme whose specialties include tease-and-delay edge play. I’d love to have my first footjob orgasm captured on video, and share it all with you. And, I’m being selfish, too. I really want to work with her again: she’s crazy sexy, and I really only play with women when I’m working with them. It might be hard to schedule, however, because I work so much in real life, and she’s very busy, too, and I’m not sure if she’s into making movies right now or not.

Both of us only have so much time, so it’s important that we pick the projects that people really want to see. If you really want to see more foot fetish stuff on here, let me know in the comments, visit Lady Clarece’s site and let her know you want to see us do a big clit/foot fetish video together, like and share this post on facebook and twitter and social media and fetlife and discussion boards…In general, let us know you really want it!

Rikochan: Body Image and Bodybuilding

Rikochan's Big Androgynous Clit

My big clit isn’t the thing that’s giving me some body-image issues right now.

I’ve been thinking a lot about gender and body images recently. Despite a lot of what I post, I don’t really picture myself as anything but a fairly traditional girl. I mean, I’m not a super frilly sparkly girly girl, but I don’t think of myself as butch or manly, or anything like that. And I’m not even a little bit assertive or dominant, either, in sex or in my everyday life. I think if people asked me how I identified, I’d call myself a pretty ordinary woman, if I didn’t think about it very much. Vanilla.

How Do You See Me?

But lately I have been thinking about how other people see me, and I wonder if maybe my self-image and the reality of how I present myself (apart from here on Rikochanpornstar.com, I mean), and how I dress and how I’ve modified my body might all be pretty different from how I think about myself.

I mean, I’ve got shorter and shorter hair, I never wear a skirt or hardly and makeup or jewelry, and the way I dress is maybe cute but fairly masculine (except for fabulous boots). Like I wore a dress the other day and people at my office were literally shocked. I used to wear skirts and dresses all the time. Now it’s always pants—granted, pants that show off my legs, but, still…

More importantly of course, I’ve been working harder and harder in the gym, and now I’m dieting, too. Basically, I’m building muscle and losing the softer curves. Which is okay; I’m really excited to be getting a bit of an ass, and my legs look better than they ever have. But I know that to a lot of my Japanese coworkers, I look like a guy. I’m bigger than almost all the Japanese guys, in fact. Even among Westerners, I’m starting to look pretty broad and strong.

And then there’s my big clit, too. I mean, really…it looks like a little cock—there’s just no doubt of that. It makes me hot to think of that and to look at it swelling in a pumping tube or to watch it sliding in and out of Kraka’s mouth as he blows me like I was a boy, slurping on my meaty glans and sliding the foreskin-like hood back and forth with his lips as he goes down on me. I’m starting to get more and people asking me, in all seriousness, if I’m a hermaphrodite (no) based on the size of my huge clitty.

How Do I See Me?

Rikochan's tiny titties and big clit getting electrostim

This is the picture (from yesterday) that got me thinking about all this body image and body-dysmorphia stuff.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my image of myself and how it might not really match the physical me since yesterday. Why? It’s not my fashion or my role or even my FTM-looking clitty. Nope. It’s because of the recent progress picture I posted. It’s partly the angle, but my boobs are definitely smaller than they have been since I shrunk them to nothing back when I was probably suffering from an eating disorder. I was surprised at just how small they looked, how flat my chest was. It’s amazing how much our boobs affect our self image, isn’t it?

I mean, I live with them every day, so I do know they are getting smaller, but I hadn’t really realized just how they looked. I was really surprised, though not necessarily in a negative way. It was just like: “Wow. I look really different.”

I’m mostly happy. Mostly. The work is paying off. I’m proud of how hard I’ve been working. When I see progress pictures, I feel like I’m…making progress. But my body is not what I thought, and I’m a little bit worried that that might become a problem. I mean, it doesn’t match my image of myself. When I picture myself, that’s not what I see. This picture especially caused me to have a weird disconnect. I couldn’t see it as “me,” if that makes sense.

I’ve had that feeling before, with the first real porn video I saw of myself. The first one I ever shot were so amazing and sexy to make, but I’ve never quite been able to see it as me, because I couldn’t picture myself as having done them, couldn’t make the connection between the image I have of myself and the image on the screen. And that’s probably the reason I’ve never posted it on my store yet. I tell myself it’s because I’m not happy with the edit, but really, I could fix it in a few hours. It’s not a problem. I don’t regret making the video, and whether I post it now or five years from now doesn’t matter a bit to me.

Am I Cut Out to Be a Bodybuilder?

But it does make me think, hard, about bodybuilding. I love it. I love how it makes me feel, physically and especially mentally. I’m prone to depression, and the endorphins I regularly get from it have probably saved my life. I love the discipline. And I love the strong sexy look of women with muscle. I want to see myself look that. The problem is now that I’m just barely starting to get there, I still can’t see it as me, if that makes sense. And that might be a problem.

If I don’t post the video I was talking about for five years from now, if that’s how it takes me to get comfortable, it doesn’t matter. If it takes me five years to adjust my self image…that’s another thing. If I continue as I am going, my body is really going to change. If I don’t get comfortable with it, that’s going to make me crazy. I’ve had body-dysmorphia issues before, and I didn’t enjoy them. More likely, though, I’ll just start to sabotage my progress if I get to point where the mismatch between my mental and physical images gets too big.

And that would be a shame. Because I’m the kind of person who has to follow through. If I do something, I really DO it. I’m obsessive that way. If I start sabotaging myself and making myself fail at the one thing that is keeping me happy and healthy, well…I won’t be happy or healthy.

Katka Kyptova

Katka Kyptova is one of my all-time favorite female bodybuilders. (Image found on the Web; if it’s yours and you object, please let me know!)

I remember reading a post by one of my FBB heroes, Katka Kyptova, explaining why she was dropping from bodybuilding to one of the other classes, and she basically said that as much as she loved the training and the process and the strength, she couldn’t see herself as a girl any more. I didn’t understand what she the same way then as I do now, maybe. After all, I don’t see her current size and shape as any more traditionally girly now than it was then. Don’t get me wrong, I think she looked and looks great. But she’s no less extreme than she was. Yet somehow, whatever the change has meant to her, she’s more comfortable now.

I guess this is the real challenge of bodybuilding. I always heard people say it was a mindgame, that it was at least as much a mental thing as a physical one, and I wonder if maybe this isn’t what they were talking about. I always assumed that they were talking about the discipline. For me, frankly, that’s not such a big challenge (obsessive!). But if it’s about changing your self image…wow, that’s a whole other thing I hadn’t really planned for. I always just assumed that part would come with the progress, naturally. Maybe I’m just obsessing over one picture, and tomorrow I’ll feel different. Maybe it’s not such a big deal. But maybe not. It’s not as though I don’t LOVE women on muscle. I just need to be able to picture it on me, you know?

Have other people gone through this? Through something like this? I’d love to hear from any one who has, and from women in particular.

BB fans, don’t worry, I’m not quitting! Just thinking about how to move forward, and how to think about what it will mean for me as I get more serious.

Sorry, that’s a lot of serious rambling. Next time it’ll be more fun stuff I promise!




Two for Titty Tuesday & Site Fixes

Rikochan's Titty Tuesday from 10 23 20122

Look what I found when I was fixing the site: an old pecs progress picture!

Hi everyone! Like I told you yesterday, I finally have more time for Rikochanpornstar again, and I’ve really been enjoying working on it. I had a bunch of back-end things to take care of on my site, including some cool new tools and plugins, and I just went ahead and renewed my domain for another year! So, yay, another 12 months of Rikochan big clit and amateur Japanese muscle porn!

Since I was working behind the scenes, I spent a couple hours last night fixing still more broken posts from the great WordPress.com fuckup (basically, the people at wordpress.com are fuckups). I got an old laptop working again earlier this month, and I’ve found tons of the missing pictures. Last night I fixed all the photos for seven old posts–14 pictures–and made some progress on some others. I think I uploaded about 20 pictures total around the site!

I even found an old progress picture that I’d edited and put my watermark on but never posted (I think). I hope you like it: I kind of like the way my shoulders and traps look in it, and, of course, boobies! They look so little here! But I think they were still big enough to count for Titty Tuesday! This picture was part of the same little shoot from the first two repaired posts, listed below.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working really hard, and dieting, too, and I think my boobs have started to shrink again. They’re always just about the first thing that goes when I lose weight, sadly. First my boobs, then my butt and legs and then, very last, my stomach! So sad! I wish my stomach would go first, then my boobs, then my butt! I can live without boobs, but it’s kind of sad to have no boobs or butt and still have a tummy–the opposite of an hourglass figure. I guess it’s my Japanese genes. Oh well, I get big calves in exchange, I guess. That’s something, at least.

Rikochan's tiny titties and big clit getting electrostim

I love that my shape is changing and I like this androgynous look, but I also sometimes wish I could have bigger boobs! (Click for full-size version!)

And if I ever get thin enough that I’ve lost my boobs altogether, I can always get implants, if I want. It’s definitely something I think about sometimes, as you’ll know if you’ve been reading this blog for a while. Feel free to vote in my Should I Get Implants poll, by the way. I check it every once in a while to see what people think. At the moment, the people who like or don’t mind the idea outweigh the people who don’t like the idea at all or at least for bodybuilders, 52% to 48%.

Why do am I thinking about boob jobs again? Because of the bonus picture above! Wow, I’ve lost a little fat sure, but I’m hardly ripped or even close to thin, and I’ve already lost half my boobs! I know, I’ve got friends who are probably horribly jealous of my ability to so easily get rid of my boobs (yes, Julie, I’m talking about you!), but if you’ve never had really nice big ones, well…I guess we all want what we don’t have. But I’d trade my little B-cup boobs for D-cups in a second–at least for a day or two! Truthfully, I don’t even know what size they are: I just wear silicone stick-on NuBras. My boobs are so small I don’t need much more support than that, and my back is so big and my tits so small that there’s basically no bra that fits me. What do the pro bodybuilder ladies do for bras? I can’t imagine!

Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed these two pictures, which were taken almost exactly three years apart. Not much progress! Oh well. Most of my friends have gotten fatter and in worse shape over those three years, so even just staying the same is gaining on everyone else!

Thanks for visiting, and let me know what you think of my pictures (and my boobs!) in the comments, and vote in the poll, if you are interested. More pictures tomorrow!



Portrait with Corset, Blindfold, and Big Clit

FBB Rikochan in corset, with pumped nipples, showing off her nice big clitty.

I need to work on my posing! Still I thought some of you might enjoy this shot with my flaccid big clitty and my nipples being pumped.

Hi everyone! It’s been too long! People started asking me if I had quit, so I knew it was time to start updating again! I thought I’d share a quick picture of with you guys, just to say sorry for being gone so long. I hope you like it! It’s not the greatest pose (I’m terrible at posing), but I think it’s the kind of full body shot a lot of you have been asking for. And, of course, you can see my big clit in it…I think it’s pretty soft and flaccid here, which is also something that you all ask me for a lot, for some reason. Of course, I think some of you will be happy that I’m getting a little more daring about showing off my face, too! I’ve got a ton of stuff like this shot (and more hardcore stuff, too, of course), I just haven’t had the time to really sit down and look at it. More importantly, I just haven’t had the will to sit down and write the kind of post that I want to write for you guys.

Why not? It’s nothing terrible. I’m healthy, I’m reasonably happy, my relationship is pretty good, I’m getting some sex, and I’m feeling much more fit lately. I’ve switched to a much stricter diet, much higher protein and more fat than before and much less carbs. I think it’s paying off. I’ve been feeling strong and I think it’s starting to show, shape-wise, too. This picture is a few weeks old, so I think it doesn’t show the results I’m seeing…

So what’s been keeping me aways from Rikochanpornstar? Things have been incredibly tough in my vanilla world job lately, and that just steals the energy I’d normally put into writing sexy posts for you guys. Which is stupid, because these posts are huge stress reliever for me. I love sharing with you guys, and I love the feeling that I’m making the kind of porn that I want to see in the world. I mean, I’d like to see porn like mine only much better, of course, but you get the idea. I want there to be porn about fit women, fit japanese women, and Japanese women with big clits, and…well, you already know all my niches, if you’re a regular reader. And, if you aren’t, welcome!

I promise, there’s going to be lots more stuff coming this week, including at least one really juicy big clit video on my clips4sale studio, and maybe some news about other projects coming up soon.

Rikochan’s First Big Clit Creampie

Enlarged clit FTM girl Rikochan shows off her huge clit and cum-dripping pussy

It’s my first big clit creampie picture! I love how huge my clit looks with my labia closed up like this. Look at how red and rubbed-raw pussy is! Click on all the pictures in this post for bigger versions!

Hi everyone! Back from a couple weeks’ vacation with not much access to computers, Internet, or privacy. Seriously, I’ve only had sex like two times in the past two and a half weeks! Crazy, right? We had our own room, but it was a loft with no door, and I could hear every sound from the room below, and vice versa.

Big clit Rikochan's pussy is dripping wet

I’m so excited to get fucked doggy style that my pussy juices are dripping down onto my fat clitty.

I may not have told you this before, but I’m not a quiet when it comes to sex. I can keep it down at the beginning, but when I get to the squirting or coming stage, there’s really nothing I can do to keep it down. Not to mention the fact that I like to use all kinds of toys that make sound, like pumps and vibrators. Add in the fact that I am a complete porn addict, and I’m really not a quiet fuck.

We masturbated each other once, and that was enough to take the edge off and keep me from losing my mind, but the rest of the time I just threw all my libido energy into working out. I think I maybe lifted harder than I ever have in my life! It was great…I really had a fun time hitting the country gym. There weren’t many women lifting big and heavy, and definitely not any other Asian people of any kind where I was, so I got some looks, but not too bad, and mostly pretty friendly and polite. There was one girl meathead at my gym, so I guess I wasn’t the first girl they ever saw deadlifting heavy, but it definitely wasn’t something they saw a lot of either! Anyhow, I’d rather have been having sex, but I made the most of it!

So, when we got back and could finally get down to serious making up for time, I got some of the hardest, deep-dickingest fucking I can remember having in years. We don’t tend to go hard and heavy as much as we do long and slow and sexy; sometimes from foreplay to the last orgasm it’s like…five or six hours. “Languid” is the word I learned for it. Pumping and electrostim are fetishes that work best with building intensity and time, and we never hurry.

Rikochan's long clit in cowgirl-style fucking

Look at how long my clit is as I mount Kraka’s cock!

Except for this last time. I had the camera and video camera all set up to record, because I was so excited by the amazing response I got to my last video, Rikochan’s Futanari Practice. Seriously, you can’t imagine how exciting it is to me when one of my videos gets popular, and I imagine you guys and girls and couples and poly groupings of all sorts watching, getting turned on by, masturbating to, fucking to and just generally getting hot to my videos. So I thought, this is going to be an amazing session; I’m rested, horny, and inspired to make the hottest video ever for my fans and friends to watch.

Nope. despite everything being all set up and ready, I just got so damned carried away that instead of having just a little oral and then sitting back to watch porn and play with toys, I found myself climbing onto Kraka’s cock and just riding and riding and riding and fucking him.

When I climbed off him at one point when I was absolutely dying for a drink of water and when my legs were literally shaking from riding him cowgirl on leg day (oh my god, I was sore for DAYS after that), I looked down and my pussy was oozing what looked like white cream. “Did you come and I was so far gone that I didn’t even notice?” I asked. Kraka laughed and told me no, that it was just that my juices were whipped up into cream. I finished my drink and leaned back for him to fuck me.

He rarely comes inside me; at the end, I always want to suck him and make him cum in my mouth. I’ve often either come too many times already or squirted ’til I’m exhausted or my pussy gets sore and I want to finish off with the Hitachi. But this time, we both just kept going and going until I felt his cum jetting inside of me, hot and sticky.

Rikochan's creamy pussy and big clit

This actually isn’t a creampie shot; it’s just that I’ve been fucked so hard that my juices have been churned into cream…

In the end I only got a few pictures, and just with my cell phone. One of them was my first ever “nakadashi” shot–Japanese for creampie more or less. It really means “coming inside” but it usually implies that there will be a shot of the cum leaking out. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten one of those, so I was excited that of the very few pictures I got, that was one, his sperm leaking out and my pussy literally rubbed raw from good hard fucking. Creampie is a new word for me…I love it! It sounds so dirty and rude! Can you tell that I’m enjoying using ruder and dirtier words lately? We don’t have them so much in Japanese.

In the end it was just about raw gonzo fucking, and there just wasn’t time to grab a DSLR or a video camera. These aren’t the greatest pictures, but I think some of you might appreciate them!

Rikochan's body shot

Me, after, exhausted. Showing off my tiny titties!




New Video: Rikochan’s Futanari Practice: Big Clit Pumping

Rikochan's massive pumped clit

I don’t have the biggest clit in the world: I’ve seen many women with bigger clits (I love them all!) but I’ve rarely seen anyone pump their clit to this size. I’m sure some could, but few are as into clit-pumping I am! (Note: click all of these for bigger clit pics!)

Hey everyone! I should have written this post a few days ago, but, if you follow me on facebook (and, if you don’t, why not? Friend me, I’m there a lot!), you know that I’m on vacation in New England right now, and I haven’t really had much chance to get to a computer somewhere private. That’s the bad news for my site. The good news is that I’m killing it in the gym right now. Tomorrow will be my third day in a row of long, heavy and hard sessions. I rarely have time to go as longs as I want and still have time left over for the sauna, but for one more day this week, that’s exactly what I’m going to go. Tomorrow I’m going to be growing my ass with glutes and plyometrics day, again–my favorite day right now! I’ve been eating like crazy but very well for the last couple weeks especially, and I think I’m really starting to see some serious muscle growth, and I’m feeling much, much tighter in certain spots.

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What I haven’t had time to tell you about here on Rikochanpornstar.com is that I uploaded a new video, and it’s my first clit-pumping video in ages. It’s called Rikochan’s Futanari Practice, Big Clit Pumping, and you can get it at my studio, Rikochan’s Fetish Emporium(or you can click the button above!) Some of you are paying even closer attention than I am to the ever-s0-slow progress I’m having in growing my clit, but I think you will agree with me that, if this is not the biggest I’ve ever pumped it, it’s never been bigger, at least. I was amazed specifically at how fat my clitty had become! Much, much bigger around than Kraka’s thumb; really actually as big as a medium-sized cock. There a bunch of nice shots where Kraka compares my clit to his thumb and index finger, both encased in black latex gloves, just to make things a little bit more fun!

I mean I’ve always had a big clit, but I think it’s now looking more like an FTM cock (at least while it’s pumped), or even…a futanari cock! So I was very happy to finally catch a pumping and masturbating session on video for the first time in ages! If you’re into clit pumping, this is the video for you, although the lighting could be a little better, sorry! All three of the clit-torture (the fun kind of torture, where I moan “don’t stop, don’t stop!”) pictures in this post are from the new video, btw. The video is actually in higher res than these pictures, at 1080p.

Kraka in black latex gloves squeezing Rikochan's big fat clitoris

Look at how massively fat my big erect clit is! It’s almost as long as Kraka’s thumb

Anyhow, as some of you know, I’m going to be working on my clit-pumping FAQ soon (maybe this weekend) so make sure to ask me whatever questions you want answered here. Yes, I’ve got lots of questions saved up from other posts, but feel free to ask them again here if you like, just in case. Anything you want to know, as long as it’s related to clit-pumping, though, please!

I really hope you enjoy this video; I priced it especially low for now because I know so many of you want to see me pump; it’s the lowest price the site will allow, and not bad for a video that’s nearly 20 minutes of pure, 100 percent big clit action! There’s a little squirting here and there because, honestly, I have to make a real effort not to squirt these days, but it’s not a “squirting” video, at least not as much as the bed-soaking Big Clit, Black Gloves series was! That said, I do squirt directly onto the camera lens…

Masturbating Rikochan's long hard clit

You really have to see the video to appreciate this, but here Kraka is jerking my clit just like a little cock, sliding the foreskin up and down my long hard shaft. And it is surprisingly hard!

So, I’m making videos again! I plan to make another one again this coming weekend, and I’d love to know what kind you’d most like to see on my store. It’s only a solo video this weekend (sorry, I know, boo!) but I think I could have a lot of fun making something for you guys if you give me a good solo idea. So, let’s hear it! Legs? Feet? Clit? Bondage? Squirting? Flexing? Fleshlight? My “knotty” dildo? More pumping? I have an idea of what I’ll make if I don’t get a consensus, but I’d rather have something fun and unexpected from you guys…

Looking forward to you FAQ questions and to your suggestions for my next video!

Rikochan’s Long Pumped Clit

Rikochan's huge clitty hangs down

I hope you like this before picture of my big clitty. Before pumping but not before a lot of oral stimulation! (Click the pictures for full-sized versions of my full-sized clitty!)

It’s been way too long since I posted some new clit pumping pics–I hope you guys will forgive me! Maybe this little set of sexy shots will help? I mean, I find them sexy…I hope you do too!

Clearly a lot of my friends and fans and chance visitors like or are at least interested in clit pumping. A ton of my traffic is for searches on clit pumping. Many of my most popular videos are of clit pumping. I get more questions about clit pumping that anything else. And my most downloaded and shared pictures are all of my big clitty either being pumped, or all pumped up. People who want to shoot me generally want clit pumping to at least be part of the shoot.  I could go on.

To tell you the truth, I always assumed that people would lose interest pretty quickly. Yes, she has a big clit, yes, she pumps her clit, yes I’ve seen pictures of her pumped clit before. I don’t need to see it again. But, it seems that people are interested in seeing more after all. If you’re a new visitor, are you interested enough that you might stick around, that you might bookmark Rikochanpornstar.com, that you might tell your friends about it? Or are you here for a quick jerk off to a big clit and you’ll never be back? Either way, I’m interested to hear!

Rikochan's pumped clit

There’s nothing that feels better to me than pumping my clit!

For whatever the reason that people seem to be enjoying my pumping adventures, I can only say I’m glad  because there’s nothing in the world that feels better to me. There are few things that maybe tie it, but nothing I can think of that’s actually better. Well. Maybe combining pumping with other things, like getting fucked or fingered or licked while pumping, but that basically comes out to pumping. It’s mostly my clit that I focus on, and that people get to see, but to tell you the truth nipple pumping is just about as good.

So, pumping feels good enough that doing it, shooting it, writing about it…it never feels like a work. It’s never something that I’m stressed about. There are other things that I’ve done or am thinking about doing for Rikochanpornstar (videoing a session with some real pornstars, for example, or having actual girl-girl sex with a sexy slutty girl and shooting it, or having another forced orgasm shoot with a new dom are just three of the tamer ones) that, while I think they are amazing and fun and exciting are also stressful and a little frightening as the they pull me out of my comfort zone. Pumping, no matter what the situation? No, never. I love it!

Rikochan's got a futanari clit-cock

I love pumping my clitty until it looks like a cock!

I feel like clit pumping is becoming a little bit better known, at least among the kinky, and I like to think that I am at least a tiny bit responsible. But there’s still a lot that people don’t know about it, and all the many people who are getting into it have tons of questions. I started to answer some questions in FAQ form, but I really only touched on the many questions I get, so I’m going to try and start making a real FAQ over the next month or so.

I mean, I could keep adding to it forever, but I’ve got a pretty good idea of what the most important questions are to answer, so I’m going to started as soon as I can. I’m going on vacation at the end of the month, and I figured that’s as good a time as any to work on my writing. (Lately I just haven’t had time.) So, if you have clit-pumping questions, now’s the time to ask!

Rikochan's fat pumped clit

Look how fat my clitty is after all that pumping! It’s as wide as two of my fingers, and I don’t have small hands!

Anyhow, I hope you like these pictures. They were just of a casual, not particularly long session, and it’s not even close to the biggest I’ve ever pumped myself, but I still they they came out pretty well. I’m actually happier with the before and after pictures, really, but I think the pics of my erect clit in the tube aren’t too bad either. It’s really hard to shoot your clit in a tube, because the tubes are so reflective!

What do you think? Do you like my pumped clit? Do you want more? Less? Is there some kind of pumping picture of video you’d like to see that I haven’t done? Or an old kind that you’d like to see more of? Let me know, because I’m always ready to pump some more!


Rikochan’s Nude Glute Bridge for Flex Friday (and Site Updates)

Rikochan doing a glute bridge nude for Flex Friday

I don’t have much of a waist, but at least my legs are looking strong!

Hi everyone! I thought some of you might enjoy this picture: It’s a little different than my usual post, but I think it’s kind of fun, in a workout/progress picture sort of way. I guess you’d call this a sort of glute bridge, right? I’d been doing this for a while by the time this picture was taken, and I think my legs were pretty pumped up. I was happy to see how much muscle I had in my thighs (and my calves, too, but that part of me always looks like that!). I like that and the fact that I’ve got some muscle in my arms, too. I obviously wish I had a bit more of a waist and a flatter stomach, but I’ve definitely made progress lately.

I’ve also been making some progress on my site, too. If you follow along on my Recent Pairs page, you’ll already know this, but it seems like it might be worth telling people who don’t about the fixes I’ve made. I’m kind of proud of all the work I’ve done lately on the old posts, at least. I need to spend more time on new stuff again, though.

Big Clit, Crotchless Panties

Rikochan's big clit and pussy showing through her crotchless panties

I thought you might enjoy a good old-fashioned crotchless panties shot with my big clit peeking out

Everyone has some kind of sex-thing they remember from when they were kids, some kind of pervy thing that everyone talked about when they were just starting to talk about sex, but no one had ever actually tried or even saw, things that maybe they’ve always wondered about. Kraka tells me that for him, it was edible underwear that kids always joked about. When I was a kid in Japan, there were two legendary things that we always talked about when we joked about sex. One was “Dutch wives,” which is what we called blow-up dolls in Japan. You know, it’s that kind of “Oh yeah, you are so horny, I bet you have a dutch wife under your bed.” You know, the stupid things kids say. I eventually got to see a blow-up doll, and, wow, was that disappointing and sad. I mean, if you have a blowup doll fetish, good for you, but they don’t do anything for me. At least, not the kind that I eventually saw in a store. The new ones are quite a bit more convincing. I have to say…Wow. I mean, that’s Japan for you!

Japanese real doll type sex toy

This is pretty different from the “dutch wives” I saw a long time ago, which were basically blow-up dolls…

The other thing that always got talked about was crotchless panties. I always wondered, did the women who wore them wear them all the time? Were they crotchless and ready whenever? (That was the typical joke/insult that went with them.) Did they only put them on before a special night? And just who were these women, anyhow? And where did they buy their crotchless panties? I never saw them on sale in a store that women would go to. So did that mean that men bought them for their women? Were there women who were happy to get them for a present, like any other lingerie? Or were you sad and depressed if someone gave them to you, like, “Oh no: crotchless panties! My guy’s a deviant perv!” Or was it only like…prostitutes who bought and wore them? I couldn’t imagine any other women going into the kind of stores where I imagined you might get stuff like that.

I remember not long after I finished high school I heard that one of my former junior high classmates had started working at a soapland (bathhouse for prostitution). That was the most alien thing in the world to me. I mean, she was a sex worker! Even in a country like Japan, where sex is highly commercialized, it was shocking to me. I spent a lot of time thinking about her and her job and her life. Inevitably, I eventually asked myself: Was she the type of girl that might wear crotchless panties? I couldn’t help but wonder. I mean, obviously not when working in a soapland, but…after? Before?

Meguru Kosaka lesbian soap

Somehow I doubt this is what my junior-high friend was doing at her soapland job, but I can dream…

Ironic, now to look back at it. I’ve been a hostess (no sex, but, still), I’ve been a porn blogger, I’ve had millions of people looking at the most hardcore porn possible of me, I’ve made and sold tons of fetish videos that are probably 100 times more “perverse” than anything my soaplands friend has ever done. Although I suppose you never know, given the sex trade in Japan. If she moved on from soaplands, who knows what kind of thing she might have gotten up to in Tokyo. And, of course, my little hobbyist dabbling in sex work is probably nothing like as hard or as intense as the reality of her full-time bath-house job was. Don’t worry, I’m not comparing myself to a real sex worker. 

Soaplands lesbians threesome

Again, probably not my soaplands friend’s average day at work. I don’t think she ever wore a tiara, for example.

But, still. I’ve done and seen a lot of “deviant” things, and I hope do and see a lot more. But never until last weekend had I ever actually worn a pair of crotchless panties. In the end it was Kraka who brought them home for me, I think partly as a playful treat and partly as something that he thought would be lots of fun to show in a video and in pictures. I’d never mentioned the fact that this kind of lingerie had been sort of a legendary thing to me when I was a girl and a teenager. When we were right in the middle of some hot foreplay, he brought them out and asked me if I wanted to try them on. I was amazed to actually see them. It wasn’t so much a sexy thing, at first, as it was a nostalgia thing. Kraka got a different reaction than I think he was hoping for, at least at first. I laughed and laughed, and then started talking about my jr high and high school friends, and my soaplands friend. Now, Kraka is always happy to talk about soaplands, but I think he’d really thought that the lingerie would lead pretty quickly to some easy access to my pussy and my clit and then maybe some panties-on fucking.

Rikochan's big clit in クロッチレスのパンティー

I kind of love these crotchless panties…I’m thinking about getting more pairs!

Luckily for both of us, he’s patient. Because, after all the reminiscing and laughing, I did indeed put them on and there was some very quick access to my pussy, which was shockingly wet in no time at all.There’s just something very, very naughty in an oddly pure, old-fashioned way about these things. I mean, I could picture Bettie Page wearing them in a Klaw Studios shoot.  I’m normally a very (very) slow starter, and maybe it was the novelty or maybe it was just the good sexy feeling of talking and laughing and being happy with my guy, but, wow, there was nothing slow about that night’s start. We had planned to shoot a bunch, but all we got was a couple of very shaky minutes of of video and these two pictures.

We were that excited by our my new lingerie. If finally had the answer to what kind of the woman wears crotchless panties? Me. That’s who.