Rikochan’s Erect Clit Returns!

Rikochan's swollen clitty bone!
You asked for more big clits, you got it! Now with more bokeh! (Click my clit to enlarge…the pictures, that is!)

Someone pointed out to me recently on Fetlife that, while they love the bodybuilding pictures, and the stories, and the leg shots, it’s the big hard clits that brought them to Rikochanpornstar in the first place, and it’s the big hard clits that keep them coming back! Since I have become a lover of that particular part of a woman’s body myself, I really can’t argue. And, since I want to please my fans and friends, I’m happy to start posting shots like this again.

Shooting Rikochan

Rikochan's huge clitorus
I love how huge and swollen my clit looks here!

I do get worried that endless closeups of my clitty will get boring after a while, though. I mean, there are only so many ways to show it, after all. I do work on my pictures as much as I can, though. I’m not saying that my pictures are great or anything, but I am amazed at how much worse my early pictures were. Kraka pointed out to me that, if I really, really think about it, that means that I think the newer ones are better, right? Why is it so hard for me to think that way? Ridiculous.

Anyhow, I’m looking into getting more photos taken by other photographers, too, just so that I can have some different looking stuff to post for all of you, too. I’m interested in seeing what how different people see me, and I hope you will enjoy it, too. If you know of any great photographers in the New York area (or are a great photographer in the New York area) mention it in the comments, or send me an email at rikochanpornstar AT gmail.com.

I’m only really looking to work with people who are pretty serious and have good portfolios of fetish stuff I can look at online. I’m not looking to have sex with the photographer, and I will bring Kraka along to all my shoots. I’m also looking to do shoot some real shibari work, too. If you’re a real master rigger and want to work with me and a photographer, please get in touch. Fair warning: I’m super picky, and I want to plan ahead by weeks, if not months. I want to be able to think about the shoot and make sure I’m in good shape for it, too.

Rikochan on Reddit

Rikochan's FTM clit
My clitty glans is sticking out from under my clit hood

I do keep finding links here and there to my site when I do vanity searches, which I do way too often. I found several links to myself on a subreddit about big clits recently. It actually made me sign up for Reddit and post a few times, although I don’t completely understand what I’m doing there, yet. I’m doing my best not to make mistakes that will get me banned…

I’m going to spend a little bit of time trying to figure out how that place works. I think those guys don’t really believe it’s me there, yet, but I’ll post a verification picture to prove it the next time I’m shooting. In the meanwhile, hi Reddit! I hope any new friends from Reddit will say hello in the comments, and I hope any friends from Rikochanpornstar will say hello on Reddit!

Anyhow, I hope those of you who’ve been waiting nearly a month for my big clitty (I can’t believe it’s been that long since I posted it!) like today’s pictures. More to come soon, I promise. And, since you all asked so nicely for more clits, and because it’s been so long, I’ll add a couple alternate shots that I wasn’t going use here at the bottom. Hope you enjoyed, and let me know what other kinds of shots you want to see!


Big Clit Bonus Pics!

Rikochan's big clit picture with bokeh
I just heard read today on April Hunter’s Facebook: “Boys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses.” What do you think?
Rikochan's futanari cock
My little futanari click/cock…do you want to suck it as much as I want it sucked? It’s aching for it…

Rikochan, Reaching

Nude FBB rikochan poses like a classical statue
Rikochan, Reaching…for Something More

Things are crazy right now. I’m burned out and confused and pulled in too many directions at once. It’s a hard time. Personally, professionally, and even here in the normally safe and fun world of Rikochanpornstar.com, I’ve got some weird things happening.

Nowhere to Hide

But, like always, it’s in these strange times that interesting things start to happen, too. I’ve got a great opportunity at my day job that might really change my life…if it happens. At the very least, I’d be able to stop working the horrible hours that are keeping me away from you and my site and my videos. And I’ve been approached to work with a very interesting agency that might help me take my site to a new level, and maybe get me working with some cool people, and sites, and even magazines, too. I’m hoping that some pictures I took with Mayumi (like the one above) might appear in some interesting places sometime this year.

Both of these are things that might turn into something; neither one of them are guaranteed to be right for me. It’s impossible to know now, and I’m in that weird state where I don’t want to hope for too much with either one, in case they don’t work out. The problem is that usually I can use work to hide from the stuff in my private life when it gets tough, and I can use Rikochanpornstar to hide from the stuff in my work life. Right now, I feel like both of the places I usually hide are compromised. My hiding places aren’t working!

Escape Into Bodybuilding

Luckily, I have a third place: the gym. I can’t tell you how hard I’ve been working these days. It’s always my physical outlet, but lately it’s really been filling in for all my mental outlets, too. It’s amazing how much harder you can go when you are determined. I always thought I was giving it everything when I went, and that my real problem was consistency and diet. But since I’ve been relying on the gym more for my mental wellbeing, too,  I’ve discovered that I am able go so much harder than I thought.

I find myself shaking and sick at the end of workouts, completely soaked in sweat every time. I get so far into the zone that I hardly notice the people around me. I’ve had coworkers tell me that they said hi to me in the gym and that I completely didn’t hear them. And it’s not that I’m wearing headphone, either; I’m just…focused.

Andreea Tina
My Current Inspiration, Andreea Tina, from Simply Shredded

My latest workout works really well with this focus, it’s high volume with very little rest: perfect for really losing yourself in it. I’m doing a workout from Simply Shredded, from the fantastic WBFF Pro Fitness Model Andreea Tina, and wow, I can see results! I mean, I don’t look anything like Andreea, but I can see myself getting there someday, which I never really could, before. I always had a goal body, but I never actually thought I’d like like those women. They were an aspiration, but it was like aspiring to be a superhero. I could use these women as motivation, but I knew I’d never actually look like them. It just wasn’t in my genetics, I wasn’t motivated enough, I didn’t have the time, I was too old, I didn’t have the talent, I didn’t have the desire, I. Just. Wasn’t. Good. Enough.

A New Feeling

For the first time in a long time, though, I’ve started feeling…different. Like, I can kill any workout, crush any goal, be anything. I’m working hard and doing a good job, and it is starting to show, and it’s starting to make me feel…good. I feel like I am in control of something, I am accomplishing something, I am good at something. That’s such an amazing, powerful feeling, and it’s a feeling that grows, that expands out into your life. If you feel like you’re good at something, that you are good at something…maybe you could be good at something else, too? Maybe many things. What a crazy idea. Who knows where it might end?

Rikochan’s All-Request Porn Picture Post

I’m finally back in the gym, back at work, and back to blogging for you–and for myself! I miss it when I don’t have the time or the energy (I was SO SICK this past week) to share sexy pictures and stories with you. I miss the anonymous exhibitionist rush! I may not have been well enough to do a real post this week, but I have gotten a ton of feedback on images and posts and polls even though I haven’t been sharing much new stuff. I got crazy amounts of love on Facebook, and a ton of new friends–same with Fetlife. I can’t tell you how nice it was too see all the comments and likes popping up on my latest pictures by Mayumi, for example. It was a nice boost to my mood, and it made me even more determined to get better so that I could get back to the gym. (I finally made it back today!) I got so much feedback and so many requests that I thought I’d do an all-request-pictures post and put up the stuff that you guys requested or seemed to enjoy the most. How’s that sound?

Rikochan's muscular legs with pointed toes
My most-popular and most-popular stuff lately has been leg shots, so here’s another one for you! (Click on all the pictures for full-size version!)

Strong Stems

The most popular thing I’ve done lately by far is show off my legs! Granted, the picture I’m sharing with you above isn’t as good as Mayumi’s, but I still think it’s kind of nice. My toes kind of have the curled over look of a ballerina en pointe (I imagine), but actually, it’s just that I have fucked up feet! I am tall for a Japanese woman of my age, and there were never nice shoes that fit me right when I was living there, so of course I wore nice shoes that didn’t fit me right. I think the composition of this shot was kind of nice. I get a lot of requests for erotica shots, too, and I think this is about as close as I get to that…

Rikochan's small Asian breasts
I’ve got itty bitty titties, but I think they are kind of cute. People seem to enjoy playing with them, anyhow!

Tiny Titties

Next up surprisingly (to me at least), is my boobs. Why? I accidentally republished my poll on whether or not I should get breast implants. There was an issue with my blog, and I ended up sending out several emails to my Rikochanpornstar subscribers about posts that were supposedly new but weren’t really. I lost a lot a of subscribers who thought I was spamming them. I’m so sorry! Please come back: The problem is fixed! Anyhow, the breast implants poll got a ton of new votes, and several other boob related posts got lots of traffic and comments as a result. The verdict is currently 52 to 48 percent in favor, more or less. But pretty much everyone said that they are very nice as is, in any case. And soooo many people said I should decide for myself. Don’t worry! I’m going to decide for myself! I still like to know what everyone thinks.

Crotchless Clitty

Rikochan's enormous clitoris
My big clitty in my favorite crotchless panties!

Next is my big clitty! People keep requesting, loving, sharing, clicking, liking and loving it, and even to ask me all sorts of questions about it. I’m always surprised at just how curious people are about my clitty. I mean, I like it pretty well, myself, and I enjoy other women’s big clits in porn, too, but, still, I’m continually surprised at how fascinating people seem to find it. Like, I have some fans who are 100 percent obsessed with it. I get requests from people who live as far away as Eastern Europe to come and worship it. Like, they would travel all the way to New York, just to worship my clit. In fact, I get a crazy number of offers to travel to New York City and then pay me to worship it! (Sorry, I’m not doing sessions…yet!) I still have trouble believing that. Maybe it’s because, to me, it’s something I see every day?

Anyhow, I promise, I’ll have my FAQ up soon! Showing off my big clit in my favorite crotchless panties has been the most popular way people seem to be liking my clitty, so I found an unused bonus picture from one of my crotchless shoots (I have probably 10,000 unused pictures) that I thought my big clit fans might enjoy. I love how long and fat it is here, and how much of the glans is showing, even without the hood pulled back!

Porny Pussy

Finally, I am getting huge numbers of requests for more porn clips. I’m sorry, I don’t have anything new to add to my studio yet, but, I should have some soon. I know, I’ve been saying that for weeks! I’m so sorry! Soon! In the meanwhile, let me leave you with a picture from a video shoot I’ve been working on. Here’s my pussy, looking well fucked. I’m covered in sweat and soaked from the wet orgasms I gave myself with a variety of dildos. I was sore the next day! I love how completely spread open I am this, and how my labia are completely stretched wide open, and stuck by sweat to my thighs, completely exposing my pussy…

Rikochan's spread pussy
Everyone wants seems to want more hardcore porn, and I’m happy to grant their wishes! Clips soon!

Hope you liked my all-request post. Let me know in the comments what else you’d like to see…I’m in a sharing mood!


Rikochan Nude in High Heels / Site Repairs

FBB Rikochan shows off her glutes, quads, and calves.
For everyone who’s been asking for more high-heel and leg shots! Here’s a nice picture of my calves for you! The rest is not too bad, either, I think. (Click to see the full-sized image!)

Hi everyone. Home sick today. I did a little work on my site, and I reloaded a bunch more old pictures. I know, you would all rather see new stuff, and I did work on that some, new adult videos for my AV studio, too, but they are not done yet. I just can’t think enough to make the cuts and transitions I want.  but I am maybe a little bit OCD, and it makes me crazy that there are broken links and missing images. I’ll tell you all about that in a minute, though.

How Are My High Heels?

First I wanted to share another picture by the excellent Mayumi! Yay, there is some new content here, after all! I love this latest series of shots she took of me a couple weeks ago. I think I’m starting to see a bit of progress as far as my overall shape changing a bit as I have been keeping to a much stricter diet.

It’s amazing to see what a difference working with a real photographer makes. I can sort of get the outline of the muscles, but I can never really show any cuts or definition. Knowing what you are doing turns out to be much, much better than just taking a couple hundred pictures and hoping that a couple of them turn out well. I mean, I know that real photographers also take a lot of pictures and end up keeping a few. But real photographers I think have a plan or at least an idea of how the photo ought to look and are working toward that, zeroing in on it as they take more and more pictures. That’s so much better than just taking a ton of pictures and hoping for the best, and it really shows.

What do you think of my latest shot? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Sexy Site Repairs

Finally, here are the posts that I fixed today. You can now read six older posts, with 15 images that have been broken for a couple of years. To find out which other posts I’ve fixed since my blog got fucked up a couple years ago, you can go here.  Note that one of the posts I fixed has another pretty great shot from Mayumi it in.


Rikochan's muscular legs in high heels.
Here’s the Facebook version, with less ass!

Rikochan: Porn, Erotica, Burlesque


RIkochan's muscular legs and feet in high heels
One of my favorite pictures ever of me, by the amazingly talented Mayumi! Thought this Irving Klaw-style glamour shot went well with my first burlesque show

I’ve been thinking a lot about the difference between porn, erotica, and glamour lately, mainly because I finally went to my first burlesque show! This past Sunday, after many failed attempts, I finally made it to a show. I have so many thoughts about it, but the first and most important one is that I’m definitely going to go again. In honor of how much fun I had, I thought I’d post a more retro picture, for a change: one that was taken of me by the amazing Mayumi! Tired of GWC shoots and looking for a New-York based photographer who “gets it” but is also crazy talented? She’s it. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Back to the story: after many abandoned plans to see shows at the Slipper Room, Le Scandal, and Hotel Chantelle, I finally managed to catch a regular Sunday burlesque “service” at The Church of Titillation at Times Square. I don’t know exactly what I expected, but it wasn’t to be laughing almost the whole time. It was so much funnier than I had pictured; I sort of thought it was going to be mostly serious striptease with little bits of comedy thrown in, maybe from the MC, but I pretty much couldn’t stop laughing! I saw Jo “Boobs” Weldon, the Headmistress of The New York School of Burlesque. I also saw Jonny Porkpie (the Burlesque Mayor of New York), Miss Poison Ivory, BB Heart, Mr Gorgeous (the reigning Exotic World King of Boylesque), Sizzle Dizzle and Magician Patrick Davis. They were all so good!

Jo "Boobs" Weldon and the Church of Titillation
I’d go to any church that featured a nude Jo “Boobs” Weldon!

The one thing that really surprised me was the performer’s bodies; they were very different from what I had expected. I think I had been picturing more like what people call “dancers,” that is, strippers, most of whom I picture as having bodies like fitness or figure models. Not that I have ever been to a strip club in the U.S., but I’ve seen lots of pictures and I think a lot of the pornstars I see are also dancers. At any rate, I think many of them are gym rats, judging by their bodies. And the people in the show I saw last night? As one of my friends pointed out, they are more performers than dancers. That’s not to say that they aren’t very, very sexy, and I can only wish hopelessly to ever have the amazing figure of Jo “Boobs” Weldon. I’d share pictures of the others, but only Jo Boobs had any I could find that were in Creative Commons, and I don’t know any of them well enough to ask for permission.

Burlesque performer Jo Boobs stripping!
Jo Boobs By Michael Albov is licensed under CC BY 2.0

But it was a real adjustment for me, too. I mean, in addition to porn actresses, the women whose bodies I most see and study and aspire to have are female bodybuilders (which, to me, includes fitness, physique and figure girls). I borderline stalk them on facebook, I study their pictures, I watch their training videos, I examine their diets, I copy their routines, and I do the best I can with the time, genetics, and willpower that I have to look like them. I even sometimes watch their porn and cam shows! My aspirational bodies are all superfit. I suspect I might be slowly developing a case of bigorexia. I’ve even thought about competing, at least once, just to try it. Those girls are muscular, hard-bodied, and, often, ripped. And even the Western porn girls I see mostly look like gym rats. I think many of them are strippers too; I mean the pole-dancing kind, not the burlesque kind.

The women (Mr Gorgeous was a buff exception) I saw last weekend were a different kind of sexy. They were definitely gorgeous and in great shape, but they mostly weren’t buff, they weren’t hard, and they weren’t what bodybuilders consider thin–that is, ripped–either. They had a different kind of shape; shapely, but softer. I don’t mean fat, either. Believe me, these women pay attention to their figures, which were pretty much all better than mine. But their arms were soft, and their bellies, and their thighs. They all had asses, and not just glutes built by deadlifts, either, if you see what I mean. So much ass! I was jealous of all the booty, which I can only ever get by working out…none of my fat ever goes there!

It was crazy sexy, despite the fact that it wasn’t the sort of body I was used to, despite the fact that there was no full nudity (pasties!), and despite the fact that it was mostly very, very funny. I mostly make porn–sometimes what I do might be called erotica. But not much of it it is fun, and not much of it has the same sense of fun as what these performers do. It made me really start to think about what I want to do in 2015; what kind of stories I want to write, what kind of pictures I’ll post, what kind of videos I’ll make. I mean, eventually people will get bored with clit closeups and bodybuilding progress pictures, right? I’m not sure how things will change here, but I can tell you that I will be going to lots more burlesque shows!

How about you? Ever been to a burlesque show? Did you like it? Who are your favorite performers? What’s your favorite venue? Give them a shout out (and help educate me on burlesque) in the comments!


Rikochan’s New Year’s Bodybuilding Poll

Rikochan FBB progress picture: back double bi.
I’m terrible at posing, but I do want to share some progress. Why can I never see my biceps on a double bi pose? I promise they are there! This one is about two months old. Those red marks on my shoulder are bruises from squatting.

Happy New Year, Everyone! I hope you had a fun and safe New Year’s Eve. Mine was very relaxed but good; I spent it with a few friends cooking lots and lots of Japanese food and drinking some wine and Champagne. I was planning to post more stuff over the past week, but work got in the way. Now that the year-end madness is done, though, I can really start posting the stories, porn, bodybuilding progress pictures, foot fetish shots, and all the other stuff stuff you guys have been asking me for.

My Bodybuilding Results

I’ve been hitting the gym really hard lately, to the point where my vanilla friends who don’t know anything about Rikochanpornstar.com and my fitness-porn life are starting to really notice. I mean, they always been a little freaked out by how much I go to the gym the way I eat, but the results are really starting to show in ways that they are shocked to see. For me, the progress is almost unbearably slow, but I must have reached some new plateau that has made my coworkers and friends start to notice. Mostly it’s my biceps, the veins on my forearms, and the roundness of my ass that they seem to notice, but some have also commented on the broadness of my back and the shape and size of my delts (they just say shoulders, but that’s what they are talking about).

It’s interesting the various reactions people have when they notice. I think none of them like the veins in the forearms. Some are horrified at how broad my chest and back are. A few are definitely intimidated by the bit of shape and the size of my biceps and triceps, but almost all of them are jealous of the ass! These are mostly Asian women I’m talking about, most of whom have very flat butts, even if they are fat. We tend to get it on our stomachs, though I have one friend who is lucky enough to gain weight in her boobs, although she doesn’t feel it is lucky. I disagree!

The coolest thing is that I have one friend who’s been converted from pure cardio to seriously lifting! I’m so excited! She’s currently still at the stage where being sore is a surprise and not necessarily a good one, but I think she’s getting close to the point where she’ll be proud of the aches and pains and be excited that they mean that her body is changing. I’m helping her along with a little bit of advice, and she is working with a trainer some, so I think she will start to get some results soon. She’s already fit from cardio, but her body looks older than it is because she doesn’t have any muscles giving it shape. She’s very pretty and tall, and I’m excited to see what she looks like once her muscles being to grow!

Muscular Girl Rikochan's legs crossed
This one doesn’t show my legs at their most muscular, but I thought it was kind of fun!

Bodybuilding Goals

Anyhow, I’m working on new routines and new goals for the new year, and I was wondering what you guys thought. Do you want to see me getting bigger, putting on as much size as I can this year. It’s been a while since I went all out for building mass. Do you think I should take a break from building up and strip off all the fat and see what my current muscles look like all ripped? Do you think I should just keep doing what I’m doing and making smaller changes? Or do you not give a damn about the bodybuilding and just want me to stay generally fit and concentrate more on making porn for you?

In the end, I’ll do what’s right for me, what I want, and what I feel, as always. But right now I’m undecided, and this is your chance to maybe influence my thinking a little. Because, honestly, while I always do what’s right for me, a part of that is connected you–the people who read my blog, the people who buy my big clit and muscle fetish clips, the people who cheer me on on Facebook and Fetlife. When I’m working out, I do it for myself. When I’m controlling what I eat, I do it for myself. When I do my cardio, I do it for myself. But, at the same time, I’m often thinking about you. How you will see my progress; what you will say when you see it; if you will be excited in the changes in my body; if you will be stimulated, excited, and aroused by me.  And that excites me. That motivates me. That inspires. I go a little bit harder, train a little bit longer, and eat a little bit better, knowing that you’ll be watching. So, while I’m working on my fitness for myself, I’m doing it for you, too…

Happy New Year! Please vote! :)

PS: Here’s a little something extra, just for fun!

Rikochan sub pose with gasmask
Ok, this one has nothing to do with bodybuilding, but I thought some of you might enjoy my submissive post with gasmask!

Rikochan’s Clit Erection

Rikochan's erect clit, before
Here’s my clit before it gets completely erect.

Hi everyone! So tired. Worked too much this past week, like 16-hour days. I did one photoshoot this past weekend that I had promised a long time ago. If I hadn’t been planning it so long I probably would have cancelled it, I was so sleepy. But it was at my house with a dear friend photographer who knows how to make me comfortable, and I’m really glad I did it. I hope to have photos from it to share with you guys by the end of the year. Straight bodybuilding and posing and foot/leg fetish pictures. No pictures at all of my clitty! Shocking, right? We did bodybuilding poses first and then looked at some old Betty Page shots for inspiration…it was really fun, in the end! I can’t want to share them with you. It’s also kind of a milestone for me, too–it’s the first time I’ve ever done a paid shoot: everything else I’ve ever done has been trades; my time for the photographer’s talent, and we both get copies at the end.

Rikochan's Erect Clit, underside
I love this view of the underside of my erect clitoris and my spread labia.

Luckily for you big clit fans, I shot some other pictures last weekend that some of you have been asking for. I get tons of requests for clit-growth series. That is, shots that show my clit growing as it goes from soft to erect. This is only really half of what you have been asking for, as it’s almost impossible to get a series that goes from a completely soft to fully erect clit. This is more like going from a medium erect to a fully erect clit!

Rikochan's erect clit looks like an FTM penis
Does my erect clit look like a little cock here? I kind of thing it does!

Why is it so hard to get the soft to erect shots? Because as soon as I start thinking about it, and planning to shoot, and getting the lingerie  out and the camera, and getting the light right and everything, my clitty starts to get erect. I get excited when I start to work on a shoot or scene. It’s not like just thinking about it would necessarily give me a full clitoral erection, but it’s not like my clit stays at its smallest, either! To get it fully erect, I need lots of physical stimulation, but it usually starts to get hard with mental stimulation, and it’s kind of hard to do a shoot that avoids at least a little mental stimulation. I guess it could be possible to do a shoot I was so not in the mood for that I didn’t get a little clit erection, but that’s never happened so far (thankfully).

Rikochan's clit is so erect the whole glans is stick out of the hood
Here my clit is fully erect. Not bad for unpumped, right?

It’s tricky. I think to be able to shoot my clitty at it’s least swollen, I’d have to have Kraka shoot it when I was asleep or something. And I feel like that’s whole different fetish, right? I would totally trust him to do it, but I somehow don’t think we’d get the same kind of quality of picture we normally get, if I was really asleep. Sure, we could do a pretend-sleeping shoot, sort of what I would call “image play,” but that would probably make me even more excited than just the usual preparation for a shoot does.

I’m lucky that I have this problem, that all my shoots make me so excited that I can’t show off my clit at its softest. But I do want to show you a before and after soft to erect picture. I’ll keep trying! In the meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this series…



Rikochan: Huge Clit, Changing Body

RIkochan's huge, swollen clit
This shot was taken in the middle of one of upcoming big clit masturbation videos. So, you can see, I deliver on the big clit part. :) (Click for the full-sized version for all the pictures in this post.)
Hi Rikochan friends! End of the year is a crazy time for me for several vanilla-world reasons, and that means less fun stuff on Rikochanpornstar for you (and not enough sleep for me). There is some stuff happening behind the scenes, though, so don’t give up hope! I’m hopefully doing a photoshoot with a great photographer this Sunday for some bodybuilding progress and posing pictures. I’ve been training super-hard lately, so I’m hoping that I’ll bigger and harder than you’ve seen me. So that’s some female bodybuilding stuff that should be coming soon.
And, for all my adult video/big clit fans, I’ve got three videos I’m editing, too. I’m hoping that I can get one of them posted to my clips4sale studio, Rikochan’s Fetish Emporium by the end of the weekend. It’s a super-hot huge clit masturbation scene that I think all my fans here will enjoy.
The one thing I really haven’t been able to work on for way too long is my writing. I’m not sure when I’m going to have time to sit down and write a really good post that I can be really happy for you all to read. In the meanwhile, though, I got a nice letter a little while ago that I thought I would share with you all. My very friend Joe Garibali wrote me this very sexy and cool letter, and I was so happy to get it that I asked him to let me post it here. He kindly agreed, and I hope you will enjoy it! He was responding to my post called Rikochan: Body Image and Bodybuilding, which you might want to read to understand this letter better.

I’ve been meaning to write to you for some time about this. You seem I think not to realize your motivations. so here’s my rant.
I’ve been a lover of big-clitted muscular women for a long time. That means I’ve done a lot of thinking about this. What does it mean? First off, to develop these attributes takes a lot of dedication. It’s not something that comes easily. So it means you have to be dedicated to an ideal and you have to know why you want to achieve these things.
Rikochan shows off her bodybuilding progress
There are things that make me very happy with my (very slow) physical transformation, and looking at this picture is one of them.

Regular women are soft. Muscles and a huge clit are not just masculine attributes; they are outward signs of power. Soft, weak women; well, not so exciting. It’s like making a deal out of negatives. And in a sense a vagina is a negative; its a space inside a woman’s body where a penis goes and deposits sperm. In the world a penis or rather a phallic symbol is commonly identified as a powerful iconic symbol. In India phallic symbols are worshipped in temples. Never saw anyone worship a vagina even if it gives birth to babies. I suppose somewhere they might. But muscles and big clits don’t make women into men; they are, however, signs of power. And power is exciting. it’s attractive and that’s in a sexual way as well.

Now in times before recorded history I think there were many less differences between men and women, bodywise. If a woman was weak in those days she wouldn’t have survived. And there are measurements of bones from those days that show that even what were teenage girls had muscles the size of men. I think it was after civilization was invented and people settled down that things began to change. The bone structure of modern humans is not like it was in those days because it doesn’t have to be huge-it’s not hard to live and survive any more. And when it became easy to thrive men contrived to be in control of women, to know that they were the fathers of their children. Over the millennia women changed, and became soft and weak and docile. Read about it in Adrienne Mayor’s new book about Amazon women (I’m reading it right now as an audiobook).
Rikochan's huge clit in black and white
Sometimes I see a picture of a big clit on the Internet and I think, wow, that’s crazy huge–even bigger than mine. And then I realize it’s an old picture of me!

So being a muscle woman with a big clit is changing your destiny. It is reaching out for power, seizing it. Being strong. Looking at the growing muscles in your arms and chest and legs and growling that you want MORE. It is not just passively being “blown” by Kraka; it is thrusting your hips and driving your huge hard clit in and out of his mouth like it was a little pussy because YOU WANT YOUR PLEASURE. It is abandoning all the things you learned as a young girl in Japan about being shy, demure, passive like good little Japanese girls are and making a statement that you don’t give a shit about what society thinks you should look like, or how you should act; that you want POWER in your life and personal assertiveness. That you enjoy having a huge clit and wish it was bigger because it gives YOU PLEASURE, it makes you fucking powerful and you love having it be hard. And the best model of this, to date, is Denise Masino; but there are plenty of women who have these attributes and enjoy them. We should talk more about this.

Rikochan’s Big Clit vs. Lady Clarece’s Sexy Feet

Rikochan shows off her big clit while Slutty Nic tortures her nipples
Slutty Nic may be a sub, but if you tell her to pinch your nipples as hard as she can, she will. But what are Lady Clarece’s feet doing in the picture? Hmm… (Click all the pictures in this post for the full-sized versions)

Hi everyone: sorry it’s been a couple days since I got you anything, but, still, this will be the fourth post this week, and since my last blog post here, I’ve posted new stuff on Facebook and Fetlife, so if you’re really desperate for more Rikochan content, you should be following me in both places! Most of what I’ve posted there has been bodybuilding progress pictures, but this morning before I went to the gym, I posted a preview of one of the big clit/foot fetish pictures from this post to my Fetlife account. I think some of you, at least will think it was worth the wait!

The Return of Slutty Nic

Remember my photoshoot with slutty Nic, the sexy sub who was the first woman ever to suck my big clitty? (You haven’t checked out the few pictures I’ve posted so far, you should: They are super hot!) Well, there are lots more pictures from that day, and I’m going to be posting them as I get to them, but, in the meanwhile, I had the chance to the fulfill the fantasy of several of my fans and friends, so I thought I’d skip to this section of the shoot.

Sexy feet touching Rikochan's big clit
The very first time Rikochan ever felt the silky smooth toes of a foot fetish model Lady Clarece against her swollen clitoris (Click to see the full-sized version of the picture)

Lady Clarece, a kinky friend of mine who has particularly beautiful feet and who knows how to use them (she’s a foot fetish model and domme!) happened to be there assisting at the shoot. At least, I thought she just happened to be there, but it turns out that she and the photographer had plans all along. As you can see in the first picture, Lady Clarece started sliding into the pictures without me realizing it. My not noticing could have had something to do with the photographer telling Nic to pinch my nipples as hard as she could. If there’s one thing Nic does, it’s…whatever you tell her too. I’m pretty submissive, but that’s the first time I’ve ever really met a real actual sub, happier to be doing what she’s told, or experiencing what you want her to. Well, the photographer distracted me (on purpose) by telling Nicole to pinch me harder, and harder!

Rikochan's big clit gets a footjob
My pumped clitty glans is nearly as big as her toenail!

But it meant that I didn’t quite notice what was happening until…it was happening. I mean, there was a moment when she slid forward into the set and reached her long slim, finely arched foot out and extended it toward my pussy, which was already very well pumped and incredibly sensitive, and her eyes met mine, and that was my moment to say no, if I had wanted to. But I didn’t. Because, honestly, I’d been thinking about how sexy feet can be for a while, ever since my friend Lady Clarece first showed me her gorgeous feet.

Rikochan’s Big Clit Gets Her First Footjob

But I hadn’t ever imagined this, exactly. I had been thinking more about how feet can be shapely and sexy, and how guys might really like to get a footjob. I was thinking, I’d love to see someone get one, and how I wished my feet were beautiful and soft and sexy enough that I could make someone come with them. I had never quite gotten to the point where I saw myself getting one. But I didn’t shake my head, or say no, or use a safe word…and suddenly I was getting one.

Rikochanpornstar's big clit and sexy foot fetish shot
My pumped pussy is so sensitive that these lovely toes brushing against it feel incredible!

I can’t begin to tell you how exciting it was. First of all, this happened at the end of a long shoot; I’d done a little domination of Nic, and she’d licked and sucked my clitty, pumped it, and was pinching my super sensitive nipples, too. So, I was already crazy stimulated. Nic had pumped my pussy so hard and for so long that my labia, clitoral hood and clit were all almost raw with sensitivity. There’s a point if you really pump where the nerves get all mixed up between pleasure and pain, and I was definitely nearly there. And when Lady Clarece’s toes began to brush over the glans of my big clit, I literally bucked up off of the floor from the shudder that went up my spine. It threw my head back so hard that I bumped Nic’s head!

Got a foot fetish? Check out this big clit foot job!
Rikochan’s fat clitoris gets her first footjob from pro domme Lady Clarece!

I love that the very first time I ever experienced even a little bit of a foot fetish session is captured in these pictures. I hope you like these pictures, big clit and foot lovers, but even if you love them, I don’t think that can be as exciting as they are for me, who knows what it felt like at that second to be thinking, with my heart pounding, “Oh my god, I can’t believe this about to happen…” I look at these kinds of “first time” pictures a lot, and they always make me crazy excited.

How did it feel? Well, I can tell that Kraka (who comes to all my shoots, no exceptions) told me later that I was actually panting after just a few seconds! I was so surprised at how gentle she was at first…such control over the pressure and motion! It felt so lovely on my big clit. Sadly, it was all over too quickly. Just as she started to jerk my poor swollen clitty like a cock between her lovely toes, and just as I started to feel the rising pressure of real excitement way down inside me, the photographer asked us all to move again, and the moment was over. Photoshoots are different from just taking pictures while having sex, which is what I usually do! I love the results, but, wow, it can be frustrating sometimes!

Want Big Clit/Foot Fetish Videos? Here’s How

But I can tell you this: I am hoping to work with Lady Clarece again. I’m really hoping we can make a video together, bringing my big clit and her sexy feet together for a real session that we don’t have to interrupt for the camera and for posing. I want to feel what it’s like play with a pro domme whose specialties include tease-and-delay edge play. I’d love to have my first footjob orgasm captured on video, and share it all with you. And, I’m being selfish, too. I really want to work with her again: she’s crazy sexy, and I really only play with women when I’m working with them. It might be hard to schedule, however, because I work so much in real life, and she’s very busy, too, and I’m not sure if she’s into making movies right now or not.

Both of us only have so much time, so it’s important that we pick the projects that people really want to see. If you really want to see more foot fetish stuff on here, let me know in the comments, visit Lady Clarece’s site and let her know you want to see us do a big clit/foot fetish video together, like and share this post on facebook and twitter and social media and fetlife and discussion boards…In general, let us know you really want it!

Rikochan: Body Image and Bodybuilding

Rikochan's Big Androgynous Clit
My big clit isn’t the thing that’s giving me some body-image issues right now.

I’ve been thinking a lot about gender and body images recently. Despite a lot of what I post, I don’t really picture myself as anything but a fairly traditional girl. I mean, I’m not a super frilly sparkly girly girl, but I don’t think of myself as butch or manly, or anything like that. And I’m not even a little bit assertive or dominant, either, in sex or in my everyday life. I think if people asked me how I identified, I’d call myself a pretty ordinary woman, if I didn’t think about it very much. Vanilla.

How Do You See Me?

But lately I have been thinking about how other people see me, and I wonder if maybe my self-image and the reality of how I present myself (apart from here on Rikochanpornstar.com, I mean), and how I dress and how I’ve modified my body might all be pretty different from how I think about myself.

I mean, I’ve got shorter and shorter hair, I never wear a skirt or hardly and makeup or jewelry, and the way I dress is maybe cute but fairly masculine (except for fabulous boots). Like I wore a dress the other day and people at my office were literally shocked. I used to wear skirts and dresses all the time. Now it’s always pants—granted, pants that show off my legs, but, still…

More importantly of course, I’ve been working harder and harder in the gym, and now I’m dieting, too. Basically, I’m building muscle and losing the softer curves. Which is okay; I’m really excited to be getting a bit of an ass, and my legs look better than they ever have. But I know that to a lot of my Japanese coworkers, I look like a guy. I’m bigger than almost all the Japanese guys, in fact. Even among Westerners, I’m starting to look pretty broad and strong.

And then there’s my big clit, too. I mean, really…it looks like a little cock—there’s just no doubt of that. It makes me hot to think of that and to look at it swelling in a pumping tube or to watch it sliding in and out of Kraka’s mouth as he blows me like I was a boy, slurping on my meaty glans and sliding the foreskin-like hood back and forth with his lips as he goes down on me. I’m starting to get more and people asking me, in all seriousness, if I’m a hermaphrodite (no) based on the size of my huge clitty.

How Do I See Me?

Rikochan's tiny titties and big clit getting electrostim
This is the picture (from yesterday) that got me thinking about all this body image and body-dysmorphia stuff.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my image of myself and how it might not really match the physical me since yesterday. Why? It’s not my fashion or my role or even my FTM-looking clitty. Nope. It’s because of the recent progress picture I posted. It’s partly the angle, but my boobs are definitely smaller than they have been since I shrunk them to nothing back when I was probably suffering from an eating disorder. I was surprised at just how small they looked, how flat my chest was. It’s amazing how much our boobs affect our self image, isn’t it?

I mean, I live with them every day, so I do know they are getting smaller, but I hadn’t really realized just how they looked. I was really surprised, though not necessarily in a negative way. It was just like: “Wow. I look really different.”

I’m mostly happy. Mostly. The work is paying off. I’m proud of how hard I’ve been working. When I see progress pictures, I feel like I’m…making progress. But my body is not what I thought, and I’m a little bit worried that that might become a problem. I mean, it doesn’t match my image of myself. When I picture myself, that’s not what I see. This picture especially caused me to have a weird disconnect. I couldn’t see it as “me,” if that makes sense.

I’ve had that feeling before, with the first real porn video I saw of myself. The first one I ever shot were so amazing and sexy to make, but I’ve never quite been able to see it as me, because I couldn’t picture myself as having done them, couldn’t make the connection between the image I have of myself and the image on the screen. And that’s probably the reason I’ve never posted it on my store yet. I tell myself it’s because I’m not happy with the edit, but really, I could fix it in a few hours. It’s not a problem. I don’t regret making the video, and whether I post it now or five years from now doesn’t matter a bit to me.

Am I Cut Out to Be a Bodybuilder?

But it does make me think, hard, about bodybuilding. I love it. I love how it makes me feel, physically and especially mentally. I’m prone to depression, and the endorphins I regularly get from it have probably saved my life. I love the discipline. And I love the strong sexy look of women with muscle. I want to see myself look that. The problem is now that I’m just barely starting to get there, I still can’t see it as me, if that makes sense. And that might be a problem.

If I don’t post the video I was talking about for five years from now, if that’s how it takes me to get comfortable, it doesn’t matter. If it takes me five years to adjust my self image…that’s another thing. If I continue as I am going, my body is really going to change. If I don’t get comfortable with it, that’s going to make me crazy. I’ve had body-dysmorphia issues before, and I didn’t enjoy them. More likely, though, I’ll just start to sabotage my progress if I get to point where the mismatch between my mental and physical images gets too big.

And that would be a shame. Because I’m the kind of person who has to follow through. If I do something, I really DO it. I’m obsessive that way. If I start sabotaging myself and making myself fail at the one thing that is keeping me happy and healthy, well…I won’t be happy or healthy.

Katka Kyptova
Katka Kyptova is one of my all-time favorite female bodybuilders. (Image found on the Web; if it’s yours and you object, please let me know!)

I remember reading a post by one of my FBB heroes, Katka Kyptova, explaining why she was dropping from bodybuilding to one of the other classes, and she basically said that as much as she loved the training and the process and the strength, she couldn’t see herself as a girl any more. I didn’t understand what she the same way then as I do now, maybe. After all, I don’t see her current size and shape as any more traditionally girly now than it was then. Don’t get me wrong, I think she looked and looks great. But she’s no less extreme than she was. Yet somehow, whatever the change has meant to her, she’s more comfortable now.

I guess this is the real challenge of bodybuilding. I always heard people say it was a mindgame, that it was at least as much a mental thing as a physical one, and I wonder if maybe this isn’t what they were talking about. I always assumed that they were talking about the discipline. For me, frankly, that’s not such a big challenge (obsessive!). But if it’s about changing your self image…wow, that’s a whole other thing I hadn’t really planned for. I always just assumed that part would come with the progress, naturally. Maybe I’m just obsessing over one picture, and tomorrow I’ll feel different. Maybe it’s not such a big deal. But maybe not. It’s not as though I don’t LOVE women on muscle. I just need to be able to picture it on me, you know?

Have other people gone through this? Through something like this? I’d love to hear from any one who has, and from women in particular.

BB fans, don’t worry, I’m not quitting! Just thinking about how to move forward, and how to think about what it will mean for me as I get more serious.

Sorry, that’s a lot of serious rambling. Next time it’ll be more fun stuff I promise!




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