Rikochan: Fitness Friday

Rikochan shows off her strong legs and bum, wearing high heels and a corset.

Picture from December: Thick and smooth! I’m a little thinner now…

Wow, what a great response I got to my latest big-clit shot, my first post after a long break: I haven’t had so many visitors to my site in ages, and I got a lot of sweet message here, on Facebook, on Fetlife, and on Twitter. Feel free to friend or add me on any of those services, by the way, if you haven’t already. I got lots of very sexy comments on my big clit, which I love…it’s you guys (and girls) and the awesome feedback you give me that keep me posting.

Every time I post, I also get requests for some shot other than the kind I just posted, which I also love. If I post my ass, I get biceps requests; if I post my extreme clit closeups, I get full-body posing requests; if I post my hardcore fucking shots, I get tasteful erotica requests; and so on. As long as people are nice about saying “that’s not what I wanted, this is!” I’m always very happy and excited that there’s more of me you want to see. And people are usually very nice, by the way.

Japanese FBB Rikochan's calves are huge!

Flexing my big calves. You like?

Yesterday, I got no less than six requests for muscular leg/foot/shoe shots. Six! That’s so cool—I’m very happy to oblige! The newest leg shots I have are a couple months old, and that’s too bad, as I think my legs have developed a bit since then, and I’m sure I’ve lost some fat, too. But, I suspect that for many of my friends and fans, the thicker the better! I think these shots aren’t much in the way of amazing photography, but I think they show a decent mix of shape and size—as far as my legs go, anyhow!

I hope you like these shots, and I hope you’ll be sure to tell me what it is you want, if this isn’t it!


Rikochan: Dick Girl

Japanese amateur Rikochan's enormous clitoritis, with black vibrator.

I love how thick the shaft of my big clit is in this picture! [Click for the full-size version of my full-size clit]

I know, I know: It’s been too long since I posted. I hate it when “real life” gets in the way of the fun stuff. If I could quit all my other obligations and just make big-clit, pumping, muscle, and fetish videos, believe me, I would. In a second! I’d even show my face and do real honest-to-goodness porn, if I thought I could make a career of it. I’ve been thinking seriously about that lately, as I kill my time – and my soul – slaving away at my desk job. I think a lot about my porn alter-ego these days, and how much I want to escape into her, forever.

I definitely need to work on my work/life/porn balance. I need to make some real changes, and soon. In the meanwhile, I’ve been working at the gym like crazy for upcoming shoots. I’ve already got a ton of great pictures saved up to share here, and I’m going to be posting lots and lots of photos for the next little while. I might even have a story or two to share, and I’m hoping I can get up at least one or two videos by the end of the week. Fingers crossed!

For now, I really wanted to make sure to share with you the kind of photo that so many of you have been asking for, on Facebook, on Fetlife, and in emails: closeups of my huge clit. So today I’m skipping ahead a little in the chronological order of the pics I’ve taken lately to share one of my favorite pictures of my big clit that’s I’ve taken in ages. I love the color, the composition, and the way you can just make out the massive soaking I’ve given the bed, the droplets from where I’ve squirted on my sweet new toy, which I bought at my favorite adult toy store Purple Passion.

But more than all that, I love how my cock-like my enlarged clitty looks in this picture—I love the way the erect shaft looks so thick and hard. It feels that way sometimes, like a real cock shaft, but I’ve never really felt like I got a picture that showed it. I feel like it’s really starting to look like a little cock…a she-dick, a girl-cock, a freaky penoris! (I love the word penoris, which I just recently learned!) I love the way my toy is pushing up against my shaft until the thick mass strains against my foreskin; nearly the whole bulbous, rock-hard head is showing, despite the fact that I’m not pulling back the clit hood. I’m getting excited all over again, just looking at this picture and remembering that night and writing about it, even though it’s only of me.

I hope you like the picture, and please stop by again soon, because there’s going to be lots more coming over the next week or two. Let me know if there’s anything in particular you’re looking for, because I’ve got lots of pictures saved up, and, if I can, I’ll post pictures that match people’s desires!


Happy New Year from Rikochanpornstar / Five Repaired Posts

Rikochan's powerful glutes and legs covered with butterflies

I love this picture…Mayumi is so much fun to work with!

I hope you all had a happy and safe New Year’s! Mine was very sweet–quiet, spent with friends eating lots of good Japanese food and drinking a few bottles of nice champagne. Lots of good conversation, lots of laughing, we all got a little bit tipsy but nothing that we had to regret the next day. Very nice. I hope you all got to spend your New Year’s in the way you wanted to!

I’m not going to write up a bunch of resolutions for Rikochanpornstar this year; I had so much trouble last year that it’s just a little bit depressing to look back on how little of what I said I was going to do that I actually finished. I will say this, it is going to be a better year, and I am going to work really hard to keep you all happy and horny! I’m going to do more, and I’m going to try some new things this year. I’m going to be brave, and I’m going to make the most of this year. We only have so many, and I don’t want to regret wasting any more of mine.

The one personal thing I can tell you is that I’m rededicating myself to the gym. In addition to hitting the gym six mornings a week, I’m going to do at least a couple two-a-days a week, too. I did one yesterday! And, wow, am I tired today, ha!

Anyway, I thought I would open the year with more of the kind of pro photography that I hope to be sharing a lot more of with you in next twelve months. This is, of course, more from my shoot with Mayumi: one of my favorite pictures yet that she’s sent me. I love her butterfly series! I’m so very proud to be a part of it. I hope you like it!

That’s it for now, but I am hard at work behind the scenes, I promise. Here’s some of what I’ve been working on: fixing even more of my backlog of broken posts. For some of you newer readers,  I’m sure this will be the first time you’ve seen some of these pictures. The list is below!



Hope You Had a Sexy 2013 / After Clit Pumping / Four Fixed Posts

Rikochan's megaclit looks like a hermaphrodite cock!

Is my clit big enough to be called a penoris? My favorite new vocabulary word! (Click to see the full-sized version of all the pics in this post)

I’m honestly kind of glad 2013 is ending. It’s been a looong year, and a challenging one for me and for Rikochanpornstar.com. Having my site taken down in the summer basically completely fucked me as far as my plans for the site, movies, and shoots went. OK, that’s a little bit of a cop-out. I could have done more, but it really shattered my momentum and demoralized me. Still, I think I have finished the year pretty strong, at least as far as my blog goes.

I’m so much happier hosting my own site–It’s so much more flexible, and powerful, and I’m learning a ton about site management.  More importantly, I think I posted lots of pretty fucking hot stuff in December, when I finally got myself back together. And I also fixed a TON of posts that the fucktards at WordPress.com broke. In fact, between the new pics and reuploading old pictures, there are well over 100 more pictures at the end of this month than there were at the beginning! If I can keep this pace up, I think 2014 is going to be an amazing year.

Rikochan's protruding glans clitoris

I love that my clit is big enough to cast its own shadow in this picture!

A lot of people have asked recently if I have quit the AV/porn clips business, because I haven’t posted anything new since this summer. The answer is: No! I was just taking a break. I actually have a lot of plans that got delayed this year, but I’m working on them all for 2014, including (fingers crossed) my first movie with budget for wardrobe (latex!) and casting (working with a sexy amateur porn girl).

So, I hope you enjoyed this year! Parts of it were really great, even with all the challenges, and I’ve really enjoyed sharing it here on Rikochanpornstar!

Rikochan's fat clit, with the foreskin pulled back.

Finishing off the year at Rikochanpornstar with one my most requested shots: an extreme closeup of my bulbous clit head with the hood pulled back.

I also hope you enjoyed the pictures in today’s post: they are a continuation of the session that began with the big clit “before” pumping pictures, continued with the during clit pumping pictures, and reached a climax yesterday with the big clit with cock ring pictures from yesterday. By the way, yesterday was Rikochanpornstar’s best day for traffic by far since I started rebuilding the site. Thanks! Clearly you guys like big clits with cock rings! Message received. What a nice way to end the year. :)

Finally, I’ve also fixed four more posts in the past few days. Here’s the list:

Big Clit, With Cock Ring

Rikochanpornstar's huge clit in a cock ring.

Finally filling one of my most popular requests ever: my big clit wearing a cock ring!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally be able to post these pictures and finally grant one of the most common wishes of readers of Rikochanpornstar.com: to wear a cock ring on my big fat clitoris. I’ve had so many of you ask for this, and although I think I posted maybe one or two pictures like this in my “Krakette” days on the forums, I’m pretty sure my clit is bigger than it was in those days, and the photography on my site is much, much better than what I was sharing back in those days. In any case, those shots are mostly unavailable now. (I am working on that!)

Rikochan's 2-inch clit boner sporting a cock ring

I can’t tell you how how horny it makes me to see my clit wearing Kraka’s cock ring.

So it’s with great pleasure that I can share these four shots with you today! I hope they will make you as happy as they made me that night, and as happy as they are making me right now as I sit here looking at them, all blown up on my huge monitor. Definitely click on the pictures to see the full-sized versions; after all, I do have a full-sized clitty, right? I feel like you probably won’t find bigger high-resolution big clit pictures  anywhere else on the Web. 

Rikochan's clit is so stretched it can wear a cock ring

If it’s big enough to wear a cock ring, is it big enough to fuck a pussy with?

I’m so excited at how long my clit is in these pictures, at how much I managed to (temporarily) change the size of my clitty during that one night’s pumping session. I always feel like my clit is getting huge, like cock-sized, when it’s pumping up. If I don’t look, it feels like it’s four inches long, or more…like the size of Colette Guimond’s! I’m always a little disappointed when it turns out to just be big-clit sized, and not medium-cock length. So when I finally got it pumped up big and hard enough that I could wear a cock ring on it, I just about came with sheer excitement–and the amazing feeling of the snugness of the ring. It felt sooo good. I wish it would just stay on, so I could wear it secretly under my clothes all day long. Maybe I’ll get there someday…

If you want to follow along chronologically, go here for the before clit pumping picture, and go here for the during clit pumping pictures. You can be sure that I’ll post some after pictures with the clit ring, too! I think even long-time Rikochan readers will be impressed. I’m not sure my clit’s at its biggest ever, but it’s definitely up there.

Rikochan's cock ring is falling off after too much masturbation

Oops, I played with it too much…the cock ring is starting to slide off my wet, slippery clitty. :(

I’m so happy to at least fulfill this one big request this year. The only requests I get more consistently are to:

  • Tie up my big clit
  • Fuck a woman with my big clitty
  • Show my huge clit next to a micropenis
  • Fuck a large penis pee-hole with my clitty

I can tell you, I’ve actually got some video of the first one, and I’m finally working on plans to do the second one next year! I don’t have any micropenis plans right now. Rest assured, though: if I get around to it, I’ve got plenty of small-dicked men willing to volunteer for a shoot! (Thanks, guys.) I also don’t have any plans to to the urethra fucking thing anytime soon: Kraka’s is regular size (i.e., too small for my megaclit) and I’m not ready to get that intimate with guys other than him…yet.

Rikochan Assumes the Position / Another Fixed Post

Rikochan shows off her powerful legs and muscular ass

For all the people who request full-body shots. (Photo by Mayumi)

I completely gave up on just posting one Mayumi shot a week: the feedback I’ve gotten from these shots has just been too good to wait, and honestly I’m too proud to just keep them to myself, to tell you the truth. I love this shot, which Kraka calls Assume the Position. He had to explain what that expression meant to me, and the fact that it’s a little bit of a joke on “ass,” too. I hope you think it is as funny as he did.

I will say that, jokes aside, the name does evoke something of the way I felt during this shoot. It turns out that being a model for a confident photographer with a vision is a lot like submitting sexually. You really have to completely trust the person, not just with your nudity and sexuality and physical vulnerability. Much more scarily, you have to trust them with your image.

Picture This

It’s hard to explain if you’ve never posed nude. But think of it like this: we all have that one friend who can take a great picture, and someone in our family who always takes a bad picture, and we always let the one take our picture, and always try to avoid letting the other shoot us. And that’s just for shooting our faces and our bodies wearing clothes. Some women I know will only ever let most people take a picture of them from the boobs up, they are so terrified of pictures that make them look fat. And that’s wearing clothes. So, yeah, shooting nude. Kind of scary.

But, if you’ve worked really hard to get yourself into the shape that you want to be in (whatever that may be!) and you can find a photographer you can trust it can also be incredibly rewarding. Of course, no one is ever really in the shape they want to be in; I think that’s some sort of Platonic ideal or something. I don’t know about guys, but I feel like women, at least will never be satisfied with their selves. But you can certainly get yourself into a condition that you can be proud of–even if it’s just “better than I was last year.”

That’s where I am. I look at these pictures and I think they are beautiful, because Mayumi is a wonderful artist. I don’t see the me in them as being particularly beautiful, but I am very satisfied and very happy when I look at them, because I know that a year ago I wouldn’t have looked nearly this good in them. I know how many hours they represent at the gym: how many early-morning, late-night and weekend workouts. I know how much care and effort went into eating right, too.

As Within, So Without

It goes far beyond the gym and diet, too. When I look at the pictures, I know how much work it was to take care of myself better than I did the year before. Getting more sleep. Going to the doctor and facing my health fears. Making peace with my family. Facing problems at work. Starting therapy. Even writing my thoughts down here, on Rikochanpornstar. All of these things come together both inside and outside. I know, in a way that no one else can, that my physical improvements are also a mirror for my mental improvements, for my well-being as a whole. So when I look at the pictures, I don’t look at the flaws; I look at the improvements. And I feel satisfied. And happy.

The other thing I feel when I look at them is determination. When I post another set of pictures I shoot with Mayumi at the end of 2014, I’m determined that that I will have made real progress in all the things that I mentioned above, and furthermore in all sorts of things that I avoided addressing in 2013. I’m determined that when I look at those pictures, they will represent a physically healthier me that is the outward manifestation of a mentally healthier me, as well.

I’m sure I can get there. I hope you’ll stick with me for the journey.


PS: I also uploaded all four pictures for my Jamaica progress pictures set
Rikochanpornstar: FBB Friday (Saturday Edition). Non-nude, sorry, but still kind of fun: posing in a bikini!

Rikochan’s Big Clit: Pump, Stretch, and Measure

Rikochan's giant clit looks like a little cock.

I can’t tell you how exciting it is too look down and see that my clit turned into a little cock! (Click for the full-sized version)

What’s that? More Rikochan porn? Yes! You’ve all been so nice to me in the comments and on all the sites I’m on that I wanted to treat you to a nice little set of pictures here on Rikochanpornstar.com. So, here it is, four shots of my fat clit all pumped up rock hard! I was very happy to get a bunch of pictures from the same clit-pumping session that all came out pretty well. That’s pretty rare for me.

Rikochan stretches her long, pointy clit.

In addition to pumping it, Kraka is stretching my huge clit by pulling on the tube.

In fact there are several more from this set. The picture from my Xmas post is the “before” picture of my clitty. And there are several more “after” pictures to come, including several that fulfill a request that I’ve gotten many times in the past couple years but never quite managed to capture in a picture or video. That’s all I’m going to say for now, but I think some of you will be excited!

Big clit Rikochan soaked her panties

Pumping my big clit made me so horny I have wet panties!

And, the picture above also fulfills a request that I get a lot, but only rarely manage to catch a good shot of: my pumped clit from beneath. Look at that crazy girl-dick! I love the way the you can see the labia that are pulled into the tube, making the bottom of my “shaft” look like all cute and pink. And, One other request I get a lot is for clit measurement. The picture beneath isn’t exactly measurement against a ruler, but you can see that it’s nearly as long as Kraka’s finger. Not bad, right?

Measuring FBB Rikochan's awesome clit

Measuring Rikochan’s two-inch clit!

Finally, just a quick update on my Amazon Props and Wardrobe Wish List: I only posted it yesterday, but someone already bought me one of the sex toys on it! It’s due to arrive on Monday, yay! I’ll make a movie with it for my clips4sale studio, and the person who bought the toy gets a free copy and a special one-of-a-kind picture, too! That’s the deal for anyone who gets me something from the list: a free copy of a movie I make with it, and some other special thing, too!


Rikochan Strong Legs, High Heels / My Props and Wardrobe Wish List

FBB Rikochan in high heel erotica shot

My legs aren’t very long, but I think the shape is getting there, at least!

Day two of my end-of-the-year posting push.My goal is to post at least once a day for the rest of the year. So far, so good! I know I said I was only going to post pictures from my collaboration with Mayumi once a week, but I got several very nice requests for more leg shots, and I’ve been sitting on this gorgeous black and white erotica shot for weeks, so, why not?

I like this one a lot. It’s very simple, but I think it shows a little bit of power, a little bit of shape, a little bit of sex. I love those shoes, don’t you? They’re strictly indoor/modeling wear, because I like to wear them in the bedroom sometimes, and I’m a good Japanese girl, so I don’t wear outdoor shoes in the house.

I usually don’t love full leg shots, because I think my legs look very short, but I am ok with this picture. I guess I am proud enough of the shape that I don’t mind the length!

Rikochan loves sex toys

I’d love to try this Hitachi Magic Wand attachment for you…

My Movie Props/Wardrobe Wish List

I feel a little bit weird posting this link to my Amazon Wishlist, but, again, I had several people ask me again this year if there was some way they could send me Christmas presents this year. Last year I just said no outright to making a wishlist, but this year I thought I might give it a try. I didn’t want to do it for Xmas, since that seemed a little too…I don’t know, weird.

But then I thought, maybe if people really wanted to send me stuff that, say, they wanted to see me use in a video, why not? I want you guys to enjoy the movies, after all! So, here’s the deal. Send me something from my list and I’ll use it in a movie, and you’ll get a free download of the movie.

This only applies to the toys and wardrobe, of course! If you send me one of the books on my wishlist…well, I’ll still send you a copy of the next video I make. How’s that sound?

There’s not much on there right now, but if you see something that is sold or fulfilled by Amazon (no 3rd-party vendors for right now), that you want to send me for use in a movie, let me know, and I’ll add it to the list. And I’ll definitely add more stuff to the movie as I go along.

Anyhow, you can check out my props and wardrobe wishlist here!

Does that seem like a good deal? Let me know!


Merry Christmas from Rikochanpornstar! / Six Fixed Posts

Rikochan's big clitoris in extreme closeup

Enjoy my big clit for Christmas or whatever you celebrate!

I hope that if you celebrate Christmas you’re celebrating it the way you want to this year, whether that means being with friends, family, loved ones, whatever. And, if you don’t celebrate, I still hope you are having a good day. My present to all of you (besides this picture of my giant clit and a promise that the year coming up will be my sexiest one yet at Rikochanpornstar.com.  I know this year has been pretty spotty–it was a rough year personally, and having the asshats at wordpress.com take down my site didn’t help–but I am really getting back into it lately, and I think I’m going to be showing you guys some pretty fun stuff next year. No details yet, but I think you’ll be happy. In the meanwhile, get ready for a post a day for the rest of the year as my first present to you all, my faithful readers, sexy commenters, generous supporters of my video studio, Rikochan’s Fetish Emporium, and all my lovely Facebook, Fetlife, Twitter, and Tumblr friends!

Merry Christmas!


PS: part of the reason I am getting excited to do more sexy stuff is going back over my old posts and fixing them. For those of you who have been reading for a long time, you can finally revisit some old posts. For readers who’ve joined joined since August, all the pictures here should be new to you. Check out the links below!


Rikochan: Power / Another Fixed Post

Magic girl Rikochan FBB Reiki Master

Mayumi calls this shot “Power,” which makes me very happy.

I’m excited, because it’s time to share another picture I shot with Mayumi. I especially like this one, because it’s so different from any other picture of me that I’ve ever seen. It’s definitely identifiable as Mayumi’s style. She calls this one “Power,” a title that I really love, seeing as I have spent so many years trying to become physically and mentally more powerful.

It also looks to me like I am magically powerful in this one, too! The pose makes me think of the reiki masters I’ve seen, making that invisible ball of Ki energy between their hands, distorting my hands which seem to shimmer or shudder with the power. Also, I love the mist or fog swirling around me here, too: very evocative.

I’m also pretty happy with the way my body looks here, too. I think this is one of my favorite pictures of my breasts ever; a pretty nice combination of soft and hard pecs underneath for shape, if I do say so. I love how hard and erect my nipples are; you can see the extreme puckering of my areolas, I was so very excited by this point in the shoot. It was so empowering and arousing to be posing and flexing completely nude in front of my beautiful, talented friend, wondering what she saw in me, and what I’d see of myself in her work when I eventually got to see it. I have to say, I couldn’t be happier with the results.

I hope you like the picture as much as I do! If you are interested, you can buy a print of it at Mayumi’s Fine Art America studio. If you want to make me happy this Xmas, buying even a card of one my shots with Mayumi would be a wonderful gift, as you’ll be supporting the work my very good friend, and, indirectly, helping me convince her to shoot me again someday soon!


  • I fixed another post: The gorgeous image (also shot by Mayumi) that goes with Rikochan’s Muscle Worship Session with Mistress Treasure. Note that that post has a link where you can buy my 21-minute video with Mistress Treasure. Buying yourself a copy of that would also be a nice Christmas present for me, too!