Rikochan Returns…and So Does Her Giant Clitty!

Rikochan's Clit Pumped until it looks like a FTM cock

I want to pump up my clitty soooooo bad! You can’t imagine how much I’ve missed it…

Hi everyone! So glad to have my home studio and computers back in action after a very long time in which I gave them up to vanilla houseguests. It does happen once in a while, but almost never for this long: almost three weeks! I’ve missed you all sooooo much (although I did see some of you a little bit when I managed to sneak a little online time on Facebook and Fetlife (Have you friended me there yet? If not, you should!)

Anyhow, I’ve been working on some fun stuff in the background, including an Offbeatr project, getting some serious latex gear, and photoshoot with one old FBB dominatrix friend I hope to meet again next month, and one new FBB friend who I’ve never met in person before, but who I’m VERY excited to get to shoot with, maybe this fall. I might even shoot with a whole new studio, like a fairly professional one! I’m even looking into doing a little Japanese porn, if I can work it out…maybe!

Anyhow, I’m sorry to have been gone so long…I really loved getting all your comments here and on facebook and fetlife while I couldn’t come and post for you. So, for all you guys who stayed in touch, I hope you like the picture up above of my enormous Japanese clitty all nice and pumped up! Sadly, this is before my vacation: I haven’t done clit pumping even once in the past three weeks! I plan to get started again soon…maybe Wednesday night!

Anyhow, lots more pictures will be showing here, and I’ll be posting some new videos soon, too: keep an eye out for them on my clips4sale studio, Rikochan’s Fetish Emporium.


Titty Tuesday/Clitoris Vs. Cock/Offbeatr


It’s been ages since I posted a Titty Tuesday picture. I thought I’d continue the trend of showing some pictures that aren’t just of my big clitty; I know, some people will be sad! Don’t worry, I’ve got some good clit-pumping shots coming soon. In the meanwhile, I’m continuing to experiment with shots that are bit less hardcore and a bit more erotica.  I hope the picture above qualifies! I sort of liked the light in it, and I was very happy to get in my favorite necklace, which was a Valentine’s Day present. As it turns out, it’s just the perfect length for nipple play! You can’t tell it from the angle above, but I’m sitting on Kraka’s cock rubbing it against my big clit through an opening in the catsuit I’m wearing (which I bought at the best adult shop in NYC, Purple Passion/DV8) , and my nipples are crazy hard and unbelievably sensitive. The motion of my swaying alone is enough to make my pussy spasm and flood Kraka’s lap as the brass strands of my necklace ripple across my areolae.


Okay, I wasn’t going to include anything hardcore in this post, but I couldn’t resist showing you what was happening just below the cool, restrained erotica of the shot above. There’s always more to the story, right? This is actually one of my favorite sex positions. Sure, I like getting fucked by a nice hard cock, but my clit is so much more sensitive than any other part of my body except my nipples, that I love to have the control that riding and sliding up and down a penis gives me. As I get wetter and wetter, the sliding gets slicker and hotter, and I can feel my labia swelling and opening as the underside of the cock I’m riding touches me deeper and deep between my parted lips as I grind down harder and harder. Sure, I love regular fucking, too, but this…this is one of the best things ever.

I was going to tell you about an upcoming Offbeatr project I’m thinking of starting, but I’m sort of out of time. Here’s the quick version: Think of Kickstarter, but for adult projects. I’m probably going to do a photo/video shoot. The lowest rate of buy in would still be cheap (about what my videos cost anyhow), the people who contribute will not only get the finished project (which will become more and more elaborate depending on how much I raise), but they will also  get special access and extras that the people who just buy the movie on my clips4sale studio, Rikochan’s Fetish Emporium won’t get.

Would you be interested?


Rikochan’s Muscular Leg and Foot Fetish Hitachi Masturbation Set

Rikochan's muscular legs flexing while she masturbates

My Hitachi gives my legs a great workout! Click all the pictures in this post for much bigger versions

Hi Everyone! I’m back again with some muscular leg/Hitachi masturbation shots for you all. Sorry it’s been a while, but I’ve got family staying here, very vanilla older family who takes up a lot of my time. While I’m always happy to see family, I’m sorry to tell you all that it means I’m not going to have as much time to be able to post here or on my big clit and female muscle clips4sale studio, Rikochan’s Fetish Emporium, for the next two weeks! Sorry!

Artsy muscular leg shot, with Hitachi

I’m getting close enough to coming here that my legs are locked up and I’m as stiff as a board!

Luckily, I was able to get this fun little set of leg shots edited just before my guest arrived, and I’m going to share the whole series with you here in this post. I was originally thinking of making it a little by-request-only special big clit series like I did last New Years’, but then I thought I’d better make sure I was doing the right thing on my blog before I thought about setting up special series!

Rikochan Muscle Legs

I sort of like how my left quad looks in this picture. That might not sound like much satisfaction, but, for me it’s a lot–I’m a tough critic, when it comes to myself…

So here’s my latest little set: it’s showing me at the end of a night of sexy play with toys, finishing myself off with the best, most reliable sex toy ever, the Hitachi Magic Wand! You might be asking yourself, what does a Hitachi session have to do with muscular legs? The answer is simple: When you have the Hitachi on the high setting and you’ve got it jammed against your big clit and swollen pussy, the closer you get to coming, the harder your legs flex.

Muscle chick Rikochan masturbating

I’m starting to shake here: I kind of like how my left hand is starting to clutch the bed…

If a regular orgasm makes your toes curl, a massive Hitachi come after a couple hours of orgasm denial makes every muscle in your legs from the bottoms of your feet to your calve to your hams and quads–not to mention your glutes and abs!–contract so hard that sometime your whole bed moves (if your legs are as strong as mine, anyhow) and you’ve got to put your hand in your mouth to keep from crying out at the pain from the cramps you sometimes get, even as you feel the massive wave of the orgasm begin to swell…

Jamming Rikochan's HItachi into her pussy

Here I’m starting to come, jamming the hitachi against my clits so hard it starts to bend and make creaking sounds. Also, here’s a little peek at my face, a Rikochan rarity!

Pleasure…pain: it all starts to blend together at this point. My edge play has lasted so long it’s really started to become torture. While each touch is delicious, the fact that no one touch has taken me over the edge has started to become mentally painful in a way that I both love and hate at the same time.

Muscular legs and feet for Rikochan's foot fetish fans

You asked for more Rikochanpornstar foot and leg fetish shots? You got it.

Add to my night of BDSM torture the fact that I have been killing legs in the gym lately, with deadlifts, squats, walking lunges, and tons and tons of calf raises to make my already huge calves even bigger and rounder, and my legs really do hurt! The involuntary flexing I’m going through as a result of the impending orgasm makes me want to weep, to laugh, to bite my lips to keep from moaning and shrieking loud enough to wake the neighbors.

Rikochan's long feet and FBB calves

Foot fetish shot for those who like to see a Japanese amateur female bodybuilder have a literally toe-curling orgasm!

Finally, I can’t even keep my legs straight anymore: I’ve got to start squeezing the big meaty head of the vibrator against my big meaty clit and pussy with my big meaty thighs. I’ve got serious squeezing power in my legs. Kraka is always very careful about where his head and hands are when I start to come, after a couple incidents where he thought I’d broken bones in his hand (I hadn’t, but it was sore for more than a week) and where he nearly passed out from the cunnilingus headlock I gave him. In addition to the fact that I was crushing his head like a grape, I was also squirting uncontrollably into his mouth. I had long had a safe word, but we didn’t have a safe word or him at that point, or a tap-out agreement. Now we do! I have to admit, however, I’ve missed the signal more than once since. Bad Rikochan!

Rikochan Pornstar actual orgasm shot

And there is it is: the moment of muscle-spasming orgasm!

Anyhow, hope you enjoyed this set. I tried to do something a little different with these pics, so I’d love whatever feedback you care to give, whether about my condition, my photography, my writing, or just me and my blog. I’d like to hear anything, good or bad, that’s kind and constructive. Mean posts just get deleted. Not that there too many of those.

Love you guys. More again when time and my company allow!



Erect Clit of the Day; “Yes.”

Rikochan pumps her giant clitor

Is my big clit bigger than your penis? Some of my readers tell me so…

I’ve finally gotten back to making video again. There’s a new clip, Big Clit, Big Pump, Big Squirt on my clips4sale studio. I was so happy to finally get it uploaded today, but I was also a little sad and frustrated that it’s been almost exactly a month since I last uploaded a video.

I was talking to a friend at lunch, complaining about how being responsible and doing the things I have to get done in my day-to-day life was keeping me from doing the things I actually want to do–you know, like making clit-fetish porn. She said, don’t you hate when it when real life gets in the way of the things that make you feel really alive?


Yes, I do. Sometimes I wish I could give up my day job and all the responsibilities and semi-friendships that go with it and just throwing myself full-time into porn, modeling, fetish work, and blogging. I’d love to just leave my everyday life behind and submerge myself in a world of sex, sensation, and the physical, with my blogging for a mental outlet and place to gather and examine my thoughts and experiences. I could so easily see myself completely embracing the lifestyle with complete abandon–throwing away the mask and trying everything and anything that came my way.

Yes. I’d say yes to sessions, wrestling, and hard-core online porn like sexually broken and kink.com–the sites that I find myself inexplicably drawn to again and again these days. I’d go to every show and play party, volunteer myself for every sort of electrostim and shibari demo out there, by night and develop my body until it was perfect,  cut, and ripped–a canvas for all sorts of costumes and perversions.

Yes, there’s risk in a headlong dive into a porn/bdsm career, I’m sure. But no mistake, though, this wouldn’t be a descent into degradation, although I’d be  on the receiving end of plenty of discipline. No, I’d be choosy, demanding, and careful–vetting everything with at least as much care as I do know. But I’d feel so much more able to say “yes.”

Yes, I’ll try that.

Yes, I’ll travel for work.

Yes, I’m available.

Yes, you can do that to me.

Yes, I’ll do that to you.

Yes, you can shoot that.

Yes, I would love to work with you.

Yes, I’ve got time.

Responsibility, right now, means having to say “no” too often. I’ve got to find a way to make my life more conducive to saying Yes.

But how?


Rikochan Loves Nipple Pumping Play

FBB Rikochan's pumped nipple

I wish my nipples would stay like this forever, all fat and swollen and sensitive! (Click to enlarge all the pictures in this post)

I love nipple pumping. I know I’ve said it before, but I think it’s worth repeating. I’ve got a serious nipple-pumping fetish. Rikochanpornstar readers are often surprised by this, but for me nipple pumping is at least as fun as clit pumping. Yes, my clit is much bigger than average, and yes, my nipples are sadly pretty small, with areolae not much bigger than the average boy’s, but that doesn’t mean that the feelings in those locations are accordingly proportioned. My nipples are sometimes insanely sensitive, even more than my big clitty when they are properly stimulated.

Rikochan pumps her nipples until the milk comes...

I love to pump until the milk comes,even if it’s just a few droplets at the tips of my milk ducts. Sometimes it’s a lot more, but I’ve never been able to actually get lactation started. Maybe someday!

When I’m good and horny, just the right strength of pinching on my nipples–somewhere between sharp and savage–can actually start me squirting. I’ve recently actually experience my first full-blown orgasm kicked off by nipple play. Yes, I need to clitoris/pussy stimulation before that can happen, but I’ve actually come recently with nothing touching me down there from the start to the finish of the orgasm, and it was thoroughly, amazing satisfying. Granted, I wanted to touch my pussy and clit (or, better yet, have someone else do it) very badly, but I was deliciously, delightfully restrained from doing so, and the result orgasm was quite amazing.

Why am I making this point now? Because I’ve been getting a lot of new women readers who ask me how to make their clits look like mine. I’m always very flattered by that, but I just want to make sure that people understand that, while I LOVE my clitty, both the way it looks and feels, as far as the pumping fetish goes, the clitty is not greater than the nipple. If you are just looking for plain old satisfaction and sensation, nipple pumping may actually be greater–at least as far as my nipples go. I have heard from some people with really big boobs that their nipples are less sensitive than their clits. Maybe everyone is different.

FBB Rikochan's nipples after pumping

My nipples don’t stay swollen and fat for long, but they do have a nice long pointy shape for quite a while.

All I’m trying to say is, enjoy whatever parts you’ve got! I do have a big clitty that I love, but my favorite play is often my nipples, and, honestly, I’m super jealous of women with large breasts and–especially–puffy nipples. I’d trade you my big clit for awesome breasts, honest! I post a lot of pictures of my clit because it’s unusual and people like the weird and freaky–and to maybe show other women who might feel bad about their unusual anatomy that unusual can equal awesome. But I don’t see my anatomy as being better than yours! Just like everyone else, I’m jealous of what I don’t have! Enjoy your own special parts…I’m sure they’re every bit as special as mine.



Rikochan’s Big Clit Squirting and Masturbation Pictures of the Day

Extreme close up of Rikochan's big clit squirting

I love to look at closeup pictures of myself squirting, since I can’t actually see it coming out when I gush. (Click to see the full-size version of all the pictures in this post, as usual.)

Back again! I had hoped to post another Big Clit of the Day photoset here on Rikochanpornstar yesterday, but it was date night/cheat night for me, and the one glass of wine I had with dinner was just enough to knock me out. I deserved it, though, I think. I’ve been really good in the past week, and my weight is moving in the right direction again: I’m down five pounds this week–hoping to get in better shape for a couple possible shoots again soonish. Anyhow, I think you guys don’t mind waiting, if there’s a payoff like this, right?

Rikochan's futagirl dickgirl clit

I love playing with my futanari-sized clitty for the camera!

Although the last picture in this post is the real squirty payoff, I kind of love the first one, too, because my clit looks so much like a little cocklet. I’m sure I’ll get the question again that I have gotten several times recently: Are you sure you aren’t a hermaphrodite? Well,the answer is, yes, I’m sure. But I’m not offended by the question, as many of the people who ask it are afraid I will be…or, sometimes, are hoping I will be. The way people phrase it almost always makes me laugh: they are either very apologetic, or very aggressive, both of which I find pretty funny.

Rikochan's megaclit gets more swollen

I can feel the gusher building up inside me as I jerk my fat clitty bone.

As someone who takes the most revealing possible photos of my unusual anatomy, I’m not offended by questions or confusion about it. And, honestly, if you can’t laugh at it, you shouldn’t be doing this sort of tell-all, show-all thing at all. And the people who hope to shock and offend me? I laugh at them too, wasting their time trying to hurt my feelings. That doesn’t me that I agree with the “it’s the Internet, relax” philosophy by which people justify being assholes. Nope: I laugh, and then I ban or delete them. I don’t have time for mean people or people who are too stupid or lazy to use a little tact.

Dickgirl Rikochan rubs her huge clitorus until she squirts a huge gusher

So happy this big clit jerking and squirting picture actually came out!

I love, love, love when I manage to catch a picture of myself squirting. I catch myself squirting on video quite a bit, but it’s much harder with a DSLR–not only to take the picture at the right moment, but also to get it all in focus and light right and all that. I’m actually planning to upgrade my camera to one that has less shutter lag and can shoot faster bursts, just so  I can catch these “action” shots more reliably. All my money from my clips4sale studio, Rikochan’s Fetish Emporium, is being saved up for a really good DSLR at the moment, so, if you want to see better pictures here on the Rikochanpornstar, please think about buying a clip or two over at my store! Every penny I’ve ever made there has gone into something that shows up in my porn, whether it’s a new toy, new lingerie, or a new camera or video camera.

I hope are enjoying my Big Clit of the Day series. I’ve got some more really great pictures to post from this same night’s session later this week, so check back soon!



Rikochan’s Big Clit Masturbation Trifecta of the Day

Rikochan's giant glans clitoris

My clit is so big it takes two hands to pull back the hood! ;) (Click all three pictures today for much bigger versions!)

Yay, I finally got my photo-editing software working again, just in time to post up some more big clit masturbation of the day shots. Not that I didn’t enjoy posting my Ultrafem art earlier, but I know that you’re all really just here to see my fat clitty. In fact, I got several emails asking why this series didn’t continue over the weekend.

Sorry, but even pervs need some time off! Plus, I have been working really hard on editing a “classic” forced orgasm video for you guys. More old stuff, sorry, but this stuff is HOT–you’ll see. Finally, I was locked out of my software. I think the picture above of my clit, taken just a few minutes after the last picture, show my clit starting to swell a bit more, and you can see the droplets on my thigh from the squirting that has already started…

Rikochan's big clit and spread pussy

I get a lot of requests for more shots that include my nice pink labia as well as my big clitty…I hope today’s post does it for my large labia fans!

So, to make up for few days worth of swollen clit fetish drought, I’m posting up three pictures today. The second picture isn’t anything too different, but if you look really closely, I think you can see that the shaft of my clitoris is getting longer as I get more erect. Although it’s the wrong angle to be able to tell very much, I think you can see that more of the shaft is sticking out from beneath the hood. I don’t know. Maybe? I think when this series is done someone more skilled than I am should make a motion GIF for me to post here. Any volunteers? :)

Rikochan big clit with the clitoral hood pulled back to show her clit glans

This is my favorite way to masturbate my big clit–my favorite way without a toy, at least.

In this one, at least you can see better that it’s getting longer and more futa-cock looking–sticking way out. Why? because I’m really masturbating here. This is one of my favorite ever ways to jerk off my big clitty: I use two fingers, one along each side of my clitty, sliding the hood back and forth along the shaft. It works every time; not only does it feel amazing to jerk my clitty like it was a cock, the way guys slide their cock heads in and out of their foreskin, but it also lets me feel as the shaft gets harder and harder as I jerk more and more.

It’s a virtuous circle: the more excited the jerking makes me, the longer and harder my shaft gets, and the more swollen the glans. And, the longer and harder I feel my shaft getting and the more swollen and harder my glans gets to the touch, the more excited I get, which makes my shaft and glans swell even more, and so on…until suddenly I’m jerking all over the bed like I’m getting electrocuted and squirting and squirting and squirting…

Jessica Biel Latex & Breast Expansion/Technical Difficulties

Jessica Biel in her sexy latex catwoman suit, as drawn by the excellent Ultrafem

In my dreams, Jessica Biel has a latex fetish

Hi everyone! I’m sure you’re all wondering what big-boobed Jessica Biel in a latex catwoman suit is doing on Rikochanpornstar? Well the truth is, I’ve had this particular piece of art for a while, and have just been waiting for the right time to post it. And it turns out that the right time to publish it is now, when I’m having technical difficulties with my image-editing software.

I think Jessica Biel is very sexy–of course, I thought she was at the peak of her sexiness when she was in Blade 2 and totally buffed up. There were all sorts of pictures of her on the Web working out, and, predictably, lots of criticism that she was “a linebacker” or “too manly” to which I say, bullshit…that’s the sort of comment I expect from insecure little men with tiny penises–either literally or mentally.

Jessica Biel buff babe

Loved how tight Jessica Biel was for Blade Trinity. Maybe now that Wesley Snipes is out of jail, they can make a sequel?

I really like Jessica Biel, but Kraka loves her…he’s a little bit obsessed, and she’s on his “list,” which I find not even a little bit threatening because 1, he’ll never meet her and 2, if he does and he can get her into bed…good for him, especially if he brings me along! Anyhow, for his birthday last year, I commissioned the amazing artist Lisa Hayes, AKA Ultrafem, to draw Jessica Biel in her Catsuit from I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. And, because she’s Ultrafem, she gave her a bonus extra endowment, HUGE BOOBS! If you’ve ever wanted to get some sexy art commissioned, I can’t recommend Lisa strongly enough. She works really hard to give you what you want, and you get to watch her drawing it live! Such a fun, sexy experience from a very talented artists with a unique, sexy vision.

Jessica Biel Catwoman

In case you haven’t seen the movie…

Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed this little diversion! I’ve got another Ultrafem picture or two to post, if people like this one. Let me know in the comments if you’d like to see more (it won’t displace my normal pictures, don’t worry!)…


Rikochan’s Big Clit Masturbation of the Day

Rikochan's big clitoris is beginning to swell...

My big clit at the beginning of a slippery, squirting masturbation session (click to enlarge)

Ok, so I’m tired of posting about things that happened a year or two ago here on Rikochanpornstar, and I don’t feel like jinxing the shoots that I’m trying to plan in the near future (some of the possibilities are so cool!). The only thing left to do is start posting some new pictures of my big clitty! Luckily I’ve got literally thousands to choose from. So, I thought I’d post a set of me playing with swollen button until I squirt, spreading the dozen or so pictures out over the next few days.

I get a lot of questions about what my clit looks like before I start pumping or playing with it, and I guess this is the closest to that I have taken in ages. It’s definitely bigger than my clitoris is when I’m just, you know, sitting at my desk working or watching Grimm or washing the dishes. Once I’m getting into the mood for sex, however, before my panties (or whatever other lingerie I’m wearing) come off, my clit is already starting to swell, getting fatter and longer; even my clit hood and labia begin to get engorged as I’m starting to feel sexy and hot. I like a decent amount of foreplay (preferably while watching porn: my latest favorite is Lesbian Workout from Club 59) with a lot of attention to my nipples.

Sunny Leone in Club 59's Lesbian Workout

Okay, they’re not doing the kind of bodybuilding workouts I’d like to see, but it sure is fun to imagine that these sexy women ask to “work in” with me…

I don’t know how it is with the rest of the world, but my nipples wake up and feel good long before my clitty does. My nipples are almost always at least a little sensitive, unless I’m in a terrible mood, they are almost always pretty quickly ready for a light touch. It really doesn’t take long at all before I’m ready for them to be licked, flicked, bitten and pinched–hard.

My clit, however… I think a lot of people think that because it’s big it’s always rubbing against things and always turned on. Far from it. My glans clitoris is almost always pretty much covered by my clit hood, locked away hidden and sleeping. Touching it before it’s come out to play is…eh. It’s not anything. Whereas my nipples are sluts who will stand up to play at a moment’s notice, my clitty is the good girl who has to be coaxed, cajoled, and convinced to come out and play. Of course, like everyone’s fantasy of the repressed good girl, once she can be talked into it, she’s a wild woman. Once you’ve gotten her to go for it, you might find you’ve gotten more than you bargained for…

This picture is somewhere after my big clit begun to wake up and poke her head out, but before she’s gotten to her full engorged size. I hope you like it. More pictures from the same session coming soon!


New Video! Gym Bullies Part 4: Strapon Spit Roast

Rikochan double-strapon blowjob

How did I find myself sucking Darkside Milinda and Ashlee Chambers’ cocks at the same time? (Click all the pictures in this post for larger versions)

Hi everyone! Writing this post in the waiting room at my laser hair removal shop. I’m such an addict, ha–this makes two Saturdays in a row that I’m here! Anyhow, I just wanted to tell you all that I spent all morning editing and uploading a new clip to my clips4sale studio, Rikochan’s Fetish Emporium. It’s one of my most requested videos ever: The Gym Bullies Part 4: Strapon Spit Roast, with the amazing Ashlee Chambers and the delicious Darkside Milinda.

Darkside Milinda, Ashlee, and Rikochan

FBBs Ashlee and Milinda caress each other’s muscles while I suck their cocks.

You can see that Ashlee and Milinda and I are in the SheMuscle Gym. Long-time readers will maybe remember that I wrote about this shoot…two years ago? Yeah, it’s very old video that I have been saving up for ages. The details about what it’s like to shoot at the SheMuscle Gym, and what it was like for a complete porn amateur to make her very first g/g/g film with two amazing female bodybuilders have been two of my most popular posts ever: Rikochan does SheMuscle Part I and Part II.

FBB Ashlee Chambers and her huge strapon

Female bodybuilding domme Ashlee Chambers straps on her giant strapon…

If I had to pick a moment when I was most excited and most fearful during the Gym Bullies shoot at SheMuscle, I would have to say it was when I saw the girls’ Strapons. I’m sure I must have seen them in the planning meeting we had that morning before the shoot, but I don’t have any memory of that. But I can very clearly remember when I saw Ashlee strapping on her giant purple cock. She’s tiny to start with, and that thing was huge: I remember that it seemed to be hanging down to her knees..

FBB Ashlee Chambers huge strapon dildo

Wait… You want to do what with that?

And, then after she finished strapping it on, she started to swing it aggressively with a big sexy leer on her face, and I thought (for about the 10th time during the shoot) Oh my god, this is really happening! Seriously, when I saw her swinging that monster, I could feel my heart in my throat. I’d never played with a toy (or a real cock) that big, and I really honestly wasn’t sure if I could take it.

Rikochan strapon blowjob

Rikochan struggles to choke down Ashlee’s enormous cock

Before I had much chance to worry about my poor pussy, I found myself forced to do something else I’d never done: try to deep-throat a giant cock or dildo. Don’t get me wrong, I like to give blowjobs, and I always go down as far as I can, but I’d never tried to do it with a monster like Ashlee’s! (And, yes, I know that writing this get me lots of offers from fans who’ll be happy to introduce me to their own person real-life anaconda cocks! One fan and friend, whose name starts with O tells me that his is at least a three-hander, and, believe me, I’m definitely curious to see it!) I love the way her cock is stretching out my lips…looks so hot!

Rikochan is forced to give gym bully Ashlee a blowjob

Milinda forces me to deepthroat Ashlee’s huge purple strapon cock…

I think the picture above might be one of my favorites ever of me, when Darkside Milinda put her hand on my head and gently but firmly pushed my head further than I thought it could go on Ashlee’s cock. I love the way I look, with my eyes closed, completely in another world as I felt Ashlee’s cock penetrating my throat, my control surrendered to Milinda, who, while gently and slowly applying pressure, was unquestionably so strong and in control that there would be nothing I could do if she decided to jam my head down to the root of Ashlee’s cock. That feeling of surrender to their power was so erotic and so strangely calming. I mean, it was insanely exciting, but the worry of what to do and how to do it…simple disappeared. Also, just look at how insanely Ashlee is. Look at that vascularity in her arms. So HOT!

Darkside Milinda fucks Rikochan with a strapon

I love this shot–seeing what my pussy and big clit look lke while getting fucked by Darkside Milinda!

And then, all of a sudden, Milinda and Ashlee had me bent over a weightbench, and just like that, Milinda was fucking me: my first time ever being fucked by a strapon, and I’ve got it all on video! It’s a little scary to have your first time at something be live on camera, but the real advantage is that it’s captured forever! It was an amazing feeling, powerful muscular Milinda pounding my pussy. But I while she was filling me up over and over again as Ashlee was practically choking me with her cock at the same time, I did slip back inside my head a little bit once again. Because while Milinda filled my pussy just about to overflowing, her cock wasn’t nearly as big as Ashlee’s, despite how much taller she was. As I struggled with Ashlee’s cock in my mouth, I couldn’t help but think about when they switched positions…

Rikochan gets fucked by a strapon

I always wondered what I looked like getting fucked…

And then, Just like that, there it was: Ashlee’s strapon penis was nosing at my pussy. She had to pull me apart, open my already well fucked and gaping pussy even wider so that she could fit inside of me. I remember thinking Can I take this? I want this! Can I take it? I want it! over and over again…

Rikochan spitroasted by FBBs Darkside Milinda and Ashlee Chambers

My first time ever getting strapon-fucked and I got to get spit roasted–all on camera. I’m such a lucky girl!

And then she was in me! It was big, really big, and I could feel myself stretching and stretching as she thrust in and out bottoming out several times, even though I don’t think she ever thrust in to the hilt. I can only tell that by looking at the video, because they way it felt, that giant purple cock head was going to come up my throat and meet Milinda’s pink cock glans in my mouth. I seriously don’t know if she could have gotten that thing inside me if Milinda hadn’t loosened me up first, it was so big! I love the picture above, although it’s weird to see what my body looked like with two years less bodybuilding under my belt! The look on Ashlee’s face as she fucks me…perfect! I never imagined seeing a picture of a woman fucking me with such lust on her face. 

Rikochan cleans her pussy juice off the FBB's strapon cocks.

Cleaning my own pussy juices off Ashlee and Milinda’s cocks

And then they were finished fucking me. I felt so open and empty and  throbbing and gaping, I imagined if I looked I’d be able to see all the way up to my cervix, like the cocks had stretched me out to the point that, even after Ashlee had pulled her monster out, I’d still be spread open like a had a speculum inside me! I didn’t have long to think about it, though, as Milinda and Ashlee made me clean up their cocks, sucking my own copious juices off their cocks, drenched despite the fact that they hadn’t used a drop of lube.

Post domination and fucking Rikochan is in subspace

After they were done with me, I was in a trance. Subspace, I think they call it in the world of BDSM.

And then, after a little bit more muscle worship, Ashlee and Milinda were done, after having their way with me in front of the camera for almost an hour, and they walked out, leaving me in a dazed trance. Every bit of my body vibrating, stimulated, alive–and every bit of my brain overloaded, reeling, dazed. A most pleasant, delicious, disorientation, like when you come to the end of a particularly intense movie, and the credits finish rolling, and the lights come up, and you can’t quite gather your thoughts enough to get up and go home…you’re just sitting there thinking what just happened? Only in this case it was something that happened to you. Something wonderful, yes, and pleasureable, but still…somehow to big to get your head around…

Anyhow, I don’t know if any of this come out when you watch the video, or if you just see a muscle porn of two gorgeous female bodybuilder dommes, fucking the hell out of a serious amateur who looks completely out of her element (which could also be kind of fun, I guess). But, at least you know what I was thinking when I made the video! You can get Gym Bullies Part IV at Rikochan’s Fetish Emporium right now if you’re in the mood for some g/g/g muscle domination!

There’s one last clip coming from that day: next time all three of us pump our clits and Ashlee and Milinda rub their big clits against mine til I squirt! Coming soon!