Rikochan’s Big Clit: Pump, Stretch, and Measure

Rikochan's giant clit looks like a little cock.

I can’t tell you how exciting it is too look down and see that my clit turned into a little cock! (Click for the full-sized version)

What’s that? More Rikochan porn? Yes! You’ve all been so nice to me in the comments and on all the sites I’m on that I wanted to treat you to a nice little set of pictures here on Rikochanpornstar.com. So, here it is, four shots of my fat clit all pumped up rock hard! I was very happy to get a bunch of pictures from the same clit-pumping session that all came out pretty well. That’s pretty rare for me.

Rikochan stretches her long, pointy clit.

In addition to pumping it, Kraka is stretching my huge clit by pulling on the tube.

In fact there are several more from this set. The picture from my Xmas post is the “before” picture of my clitty. And there are several more “after” pictures to come, including several that fulfill a request that I’ve gotten many times in the past couple years but never quite managed to capture in a picture or video. That’s all I’m going to say for now, but I think some of you will be excited!

Big clit Rikochan soaked her panties

Pumping my big clit made me so horny I have wet panties!

And, the picture above also fulfills a request that I get a lot, but only rarely manage to catch a good shot of: my pumped clit from beneath. Look at that crazy girl-dick! I love the way the you can see the labia that are pulled into the tube, making the bottom of my “shaft” look like all cute and pink. And, One other request I get a lot is for clit measurement. The picture beneath isn’t exactly measurement against a ruler, but you can see that it’s nearly as long as Kraka’s finger. Not bad, right?

Measuring FBB Rikochan's awesome clit

Measuring Rikochan’s two-inch clit!

Finally, just a quick update on my Amazon Props and Wardrobe Wish List: I only posted it yesterday, but someone already bought me one of the sex toys on it! It’s due to arrive on Monday, yay! I’ll make a movie with it for my clips4sale studio, and the person who bought the toy gets a free copy and a special one-of-a-kind picture, too! That’s the deal for anyone who gets me something from the list: a free copy of a movie I make with it, and some other special thing, too!


Rikochan Strong Legs, High Heels / My Props and Wardrobe Wish List

FBB Rikochan in high heel erotica shot

My legs aren’t very long, but I think the shape is getting there, at least!

Day two of my end-of-the-year posting push.My goal is to post at least once a day for the rest of the year. So far, so good! I know I said I was only going to post pictures from my collaboration with Mayumi once a week, but I got several very nice requests for more leg shots, and I’ve been sitting on this gorgeous black and white erotica shot for weeks, so, why not?

I like this one a lot. It’s very simple, but I think it shows a little bit of power, a little bit of shape, a little bit of sex. I love those shoes, don’t you? They’re strictly indoor/modeling wear, because I like to wear them in the bedroom sometimes, and I’m a good Japanese girl, so I don’t wear outdoor shoes in the house.

I usually don’t love full leg shots, because I think my legs look very short, but I am ok with this picture. I guess I am proud enough of the shape that I don’t mind the length!

Rikochan loves sex toys

I’d love to try this Hitachi Magic Wand attachment for you…

My Movie Props/Wardrobe Wish List

I feel a little bit weird posting this link to my Amazon Wishlist, but, again, I had several people ask me again this year if there was some way they could send me Christmas presents this year. Last year I just said no outright to making a wishlist, but this year I thought I might give it a try. I didn’t want to do it for Xmas, since that seemed a little too…I don’t know, weird.

But then I thought, maybe if people really wanted to send me stuff that, say, they wanted to see me use in a video, why not? I want you guys to enjoy the movies, after all! So, here’s the deal. Send me something from my list and I’ll use it in a movie, and you’ll get a free download of the movie.

This only applies to the toys and wardrobe, of course! If you send me one of the books on my wishlist…well, I’ll still send you a copy of the next video I make. How’s that sound?

There’s not much on there right now, but if you see something that is sold or fulfilled by Amazon (no 3rd-party vendors for right now), that you want to send me for use in a movie, let me know, and I’ll add it to the list. And I’ll definitely add more stuff to the movie as I go along.

Anyhow, you can check out my props and wardrobe wishlist here!

Does that seem like a good deal? Let me know!


Merry Christmas from Rikochanpornstar! / Six Fixed Posts

Rikochan's big clitoris in extreme closeup

Enjoy my big clit for Christmas or whatever you celebrate!

I hope that if you celebrate Christmas you’re celebrating it the way you want to this year, whether that means being with friends, family, loved ones, whatever. And, if you don’t celebrate, I still hope you are having a good day. My present to all of you (besides this picture of my giant clit and a promise that the year coming up will be my sexiest one yet at Rikochanpornstar.com.  I know this year has been pretty spotty–it was a rough year personally, and having the asshats at wordpress.com take down my site didn’t help–but I am really getting back into it lately, and I think I’m going to be showing you guys some pretty fun stuff next year. No details yet, but I think you’ll be happy. In the meanwhile, get ready for a post a day for the rest of the year as my first present to you all, my faithful readers, sexy commenters, generous supporters of my video studio, Rikochan’s Fetish Emporium, and all my lovely Facebook, Fetlife, Twitter, and Tumblr friends!

Merry Christmas!


PS: part of the reason I am getting excited to do more sexy stuff is going back over my old posts and fixing them. For those of you who have been reading for a long time, you can finally revisit some old posts. For readers who’ve joined joined since August, all the pictures here should be new to you. Check out the links below!


Rikochan: Power / Another Fixed Post

Magic girl Rikochan FBB Reiki Master

Mayumi calls this shot “Power,” which makes me very happy.

I’m excited, because it’s time to share another picture I shot with Mayumi. I especially like this one, because it’s so different from any other picture of me that I’ve ever seen. It’s definitely identifiable as Mayumi’s style. She calls this one “Power,” a title that I really love, seeing as I have spent so many years trying to become physically and mentally more powerful.

It also looks to me like I am magically powerful in this one, too! The pose makes me think of the reiki masters I’ve seen, making that invisible ball of Ki energy between their hands, distorting my hands which seem to shimmer or shudder with the power. Also, I love the mist or fog swirling around me here, too: very evocative.

I’m also pretty happy with the way my body looks here, too. I think this is one of my favorite pictures of my breasts ever; a pretty nice combination of soft and hard pecs underneath for shape, if I do say so. I love how hard and erect my nipples are; you can see the extreme puckering of my areolas, I was so very excited by this point in the shoot. It was so empowering and arousing to be posing and flexing completely nude in front of my beautiful, talented friend, wondering what she saw in me, and what I’d see of myself in her work when I eventually got to see it. I have to say, I couldn’t be happier with the results.

I hope you like the picture as much as I do! If you are interested, you can buy a print of it at Mayumi’s Fine Art America studio. If you want to make me happy this Xmas, buying even a card of one my shots with Mayumi would be a wonderful gift, as you’ll be supporting the work my very good friend, and, indirectly, helping me convince her to shoot me again someday soon!


  • I fixed another post: The gorgeous image (also shot by Mayumi) that goes with Rikochan’s Muscle Worship Session with Mistress Treasure. Note that that post has a link where you can buy my 21-minute video with Mistress Treasure. Buying yourself a copy of that would also be a nice Christmas present for me, too!


Rikochan vs. the Titty Twister

Rikochan, in shibari, gets her nipples tortured

Dominatrix Mistress M twists Rikochan’s nipples hard

Ha, I love this headline, almost as much as I love this picture. I can’t believe I never posted a this picture; it’s one of my favorites, even though it’s a year or two old. It was taken on the same day as my first Shibari experience. Yessss, Mistress M felt that I wasn’t responding enough to what she was doing, and she woke me up with an intensely painful nipple pinch and twist. Oh my, it really woke me up and made me groan! I was truly shocked–never had really experienced anything quite that painful in my sex play before. And yet it wasn’t necessarily even the pain that shocked me, although it was seriously like lightning hit my poor nipple!

It was more that Mistress M, who is my friend, is also really a dominatrix, and that suddenly she was really dominating me. It wasn’t a question of image play for the camera, it was really seriously her will imposed on mine. She decided I should be making more noise, and she simply reached out and caused me to do it, just as simple as that. I always knew she could cause pain, but it had never really occurred to me that she would cause it for me. It breaks all expectations and barriers when someone does something to you that you just can’t conceive; it shatters your expectations and preconceptions. I think if we hadn’t been friends for ages before this first session, it might not have been so surprising.

As it was, it hurt, so, so much, but it also broke down all the sense of performance and being on camera and nervousness about being with a friend and pretense and nerves. Suddenly I was groaning out of real pain, and I can’t tell you how excited it made me. I’ve almost never been that wet, and I’ve never come harder on camera. Planning to have a reunion meeting with Mistress M. this winter. Any requests for what you’d like to see a sexy, strict domme do to me?

If you liked this picture the short video is available in high def on my site (there’s a preview, too) at this link: Rikochan Vs. The Titty Twister, or you could just click the button below:

Buy Now

Rikochan’s Clitoral Requests / Fixed Post

Supple Nipps help Rikochan get a bigger glans clitoritis

I love the way my Supple Nipp suction cup feels on my clit! (Click for the full-sized version!)

My last hardcore post, Rikochan Clit Pumping in Vegas: 巨大クリトリス, provoke a lot of questions and requests. The more unusual one was: what is that second little cup you have inside the big tube, why is there, and so on. Well, the easy part of the answer is, it’s a Supple Nipps nipple toy from Nipple Fun Wear. I can’t tell you how much I love these little suction cup toys! I have definitely worn them on my nipples, and they really do provide long-term, comfortable, and exciting suction. But, as soon as I got mine, I immediately started wondering about how much fun it would be to use them on my big clitty! The answer is, incredibly fun! I’ve worn one for literally hours at a time! But the best is to use it with a bigger tube: it prevents the clit hood (the foreskin, right?) from getting sucked so much that it covers up the glans clitoris.

That means that when you take off the tube, you have a clit that looks more like a cock, complete with a purple head sticking out. It’s not only the way it looks, however, that I love. It just feels great. It makes the clit pump longer and thinner, and that feels soooo good. And, because the glans gets stretched out so that it sticks out from the clitoral hood, it’s very easy to touch, lick, caress, suck, tickle, tease, bite,  shock, slap, pinch, pull, rub…you get the idea (and I am getting horny writing the list of clitty kindnesses and cruelties)!

Rikochan's Japanese clit is all swole up!

You’ll never have trouble finding my swollen clitoris! (Click for the full-sized version!)

That leads me to the second request (which corrresponds to the second picture), for an after picture (shown above). That’s an other big reason I love the Supple Nipps: they make my clitoris look sexy. When the big bulbous purple clit glans sticks out like that, people lose their minds. Reposts, retweets, reshares, questions, comments, loves, stalkings, advice, disgust, hate, fear, love, admiration, lust…these pictures that make people realize just how similar the clit is to a little cock do all that, all at once. It never ceases to amaze me.

Hope you liked the pictures. More to come here on Rikochanpornstar.com!


PS: I fixed another post last week but forgot to tell you about it. Link below!

  • When you take my Breast Implants Poll (please, take it!) you can now see the picture that originally went with it, at Rikochan’s Breast Implants Poll. Please weigh in: do you think I’d look good with implants?

Rikochan: Contour of Seduction

FBB Rikochan's shoulders and breast in an erotic shot

I can’t believe that it’s me in these pictures!

Hi everyone! It’s time for another picture from my photoshoot with Mayumi! Mayumi’s title for the latest shot is Contour of Seduction, which I think is a very sexy title for a picture of me. It sounds much more glamorous and mysterious and erotic than how I usually think of myself, but then the picture is also much more beautiful than the way I think of myself, too. I think that is the mark of real art, personally: it makes you see things in new ways, even if that thing is yourself…or some part(s) of yourself!

In addition to the fact that I like the way my breast and shoulder look here, I also just love the shape that Mayumi has captured; I think the fact that the image is maybe rotated from what you might expect makes you look at it more abstractly and not focus quite so much on the BOOB. Although she does make my boob look awfully nice, too.

And, of course, I love her use of black and white. This picture really makes me want to study photography so that I can have a better idea what I’m doing in my own work. Even my best shots are just the result of taking literally thousands of pictures and finding the few that come ok. It’s sort of like the pictures at the end of Rainman. I’d love to be able to plan ahead and really have better vision of what I’m going to get from shoot to shoot…

I really look forward to sharing Mayumi’s pictures every week–I’m going to be sad when they run out, which is exactly why I’m starting to get ready for my next shoot with her right now! If you like the image and want to see more of our collaborations, please consider clicking through to Mayumi’s Fine Art America shop and leaving her a comment, at the very least. Even better, buy a copy from her! Support a great independent artist, and you indirectly support Rikochanpornstar.com, too. I don’t get any money from her sales, but if she makes a bit of money from our shoot, I’m sure we’ll be more likely to work together again in the future, and that means more sexy content for you my blog!


Rikochan Clit Pumping in Vegas: 巨大クリトリス / More Fixed Links

Rikochan has a 巨大クリトリス

Pumping my clit feels soooo good; two stage pumping feels twice as good!

巨大クリトリス,  if you don’t read Japanese, means huge clitoris. The first two characters mean huge, and the rest spells clitoris phonetically. I thought it seemed like a good title for a post that shows me trying my very hardest to make my clit as big as possible for you–and for me. I really do love how big it is! It’s feels so good, and it’s so much fun to play with.

This is the first a three-part mini series from my recent trip to Vegas. I know, you can’t tell it’s from Vegas, except maybe from crisp which sheets. Which, by the way, ended up in a soaking pile at the foot of the bed most nights! I squirted so much I had to have the bedding changed every day! I was really starting to get a bit worried that I might get a complaint, but it was one of the top hotels, and I saw lot of high-priced prostitutes discreetly coming and going, so I decided that there were probably actually lots of things as bad or worse going on every night!

This is something I haven’t done in a while: double-pumping. I love the way it feels–it lets me keep the glans pulled out erect beyond the hood of my big clitty, so that it looks (and feels) more like a little penis. If I don’t use a second stage like this, my clit ends up expanding to pack the tube, instead, and instead of being longer and pointier, it gets short and very fat. That’s also very cool and feels very nice, but most of the time when I do it that way, the glans is almost completely hidden in the folds of my swollen labia.

Tomorrow I’ll show you what it looked like with the bigger tube off.

In the meanwhile here are some links to five posts that I fixed yesterday, by reuploading 14 pictures and resizing some small ones. Longtime fans may want to revisit them, and new readers can go check them out for the first time.


Rikochan Rising

nude FBB Rikochan bicep looking strong in this erotic shot by Mayumi

One of my favorite pictures of me: Rise, by Mayumi.

I just had the best legs workout this evening, and I had some extra time so I killed my abs, too. I’m going to have trouble sitting up in bed OR standing up OR sitting down tomorrow, I bet. It’s Sunday night, but I’m writing this up for Monday morning–how weird, I never do that. But I realized that if I want them to succeed, I’m going to have to treat my site and my porn life the same way I treat my gym life. I can’t wait for them to happen when I have time, I have to make the time to make them happen!

So here I am, working and planning ahead for Rikochanpornstar! Today is the second of my weekly pictures taken by my talented photographer friend Mayumi! In case you missed it, last week’s was a killer calfs and high heels picture. This week is a picture Mayumi calls Rise. I love this one–I like that it’s of something other than my legs and my clit and yet it still looks pretty fabulous! If you like it, Mayumi is selling prints of it at Fine Art America. If you like the photo (or, of course, the model) I strongly suggest you at least click through the link, and, better yet, buy even a little card version of it! The more she sells, the more likely she is to shoot me again!

I found a little time to work ahead this week on some other future stuff for Rikochanpornstar too, though. I tentatively planned my first shoot in 2014! I’m going to work again with Mayumi, which is really exciting to me! I love her work, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what she do with me. I’m also secretly looking forward to seeing if I can get her to shoot some stuff that crosses the line between erotica (which is what she normally shoots) and porn (which is what I normally post here). We’ll see: but I’m sure that either way, whatever she shoots, she is going to make me look great. To do my part I’m going back to two-a-days starting Monday to get ready. Lucky for you, that means progress photos!

See you again soon,


Massive Nipple Pumping and Massive Rikochanpornstar Repairs

Rikochan is making puffy nipples.

There’s notthing more erotic than the feel of strong suction on my nipples.

Hi everyone! Here’s a little nipple pumping to say I hope you are a having a good weekend. I know I am, though I am a little tired from all the work I did on my site last night. I found and reuploaded more than 30 old pictures from before Rikochanpornstar.com got taken down by the evil overlords of WordPress.org. It may not sound like much, but it took hours and hours of work to get it done, and there’s still lots to do.

I’m also working on new content, too. Lots shot, and lots planned! The problem is finding time to get it all edited and written about and posted, honestly. The end of the year is always the busiest time for me at work and in my personal life. You guys and Rikochanpornstar are one of my big stress relievers, and I haven’t been getting enough of you lately.

Japanese amateur Rikochan and her fat nipples

I love the way my boobs look with my swollen, puffy nipples after pumping.

I hope you like the nipple pumping during and after shots today. I took them in my hotel room in Las Vegas while watching pay per view porn after a long day in the gym and spa (yes, it was a great vacation). There’s seriously nothing I like better than this feeling of my nipples stretching and swelling and growing, until they feel almost like they are going to start lactating or just plain explode in a giant pumping orgasm.

More pictures to come! In the meanwhile, I thought I’d post links to all the old posts that have been broken since this fall but are now fixed. I realize some of you have been reading since the beginning, but I know that I also have a lot of newer readers, too, who might never have seen these. You can always check for the latest fixes on my Missing Images and Broken Links? page, which I sometimes even remember to update. Note that those links are only to posts that have been completely updated. There are lots of other pictures I’ve uploaded to posts that still aren’t complete; those aren’t on the list.

Thanks so much for sticking with me. Hope you’re having a great holiday season!